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    I was cleaning the refrigerator this morning and came across a tetra pack of coconut water. I bought of case of the “plain” variety of VitaCoco once before and didn’t like it. So, I took it to work (where usually they’ll eat / drink anything that’s free) and none of them liked it either. Well, for some reason I picked up a single of coconut water with pineapple thinking maybe it would taste better.

    I really wanted to like it because of the great nutritional and it’s reported ability to be a superior hydrator. In fact, I have a good friend who regularly gives her son with Down’s Syndrome coconut water to help with hydration because his little body is inefficient at regulating his internal temperature and he easily becomes overheated if not well hydrated.

    So, before I threw away this last package of coconut water, I started wondering if anyone here thought it might be beneficial to give coconut water to their dogs? My Cavalier has to be put under general anesthesia tomorrow for what hopefully will be simply a diagnostic procedure, but may also end up being a surgical procedure (soft palate resection). I got to thinking that sometimes anesthesia can cause a diminished thirst and appetite and that possibly Bell might drink some coconut water afterward.

    Here’s a YouTube video I found that speaks plainly as to what I’ve read are some of the reported benefits of coconut water.

    Any thoughts? : )

    Peace, Betsy



    All I can tell you is my husband read those same reports and just had to have coconut water on hand. He doesn’t like coconut in any form, is really picky about how things taste, doesn’t like to try new things, etc. so I will probably have a can of coconut water from now to eternity. But it sure wouldn’t hurt to offer some to Bella after her anesthesia wears off. Though she may agree with you about it’s taste.



    I got SEVERELY dehydrated after I had a very negative reaction to the drugs I was put on after breaking my foot… I spent about $300 at the health food store fighting the symptoms of the two $10.00ish drugs… I drank A LOT of coconut water and mineral water for several weeks — I probably should have gone back to the doc I was so bad (if I smiled my lips would crack and bleed). Coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes (minerals) that help get the water we drink into our cells.

    I don’t see why it couldn’t be given to dogs? Make sure the sugar content isn’t high due to the added pineapple.

    Zico makes a chocolate coconut water that is pretty good. I’ve also tried mango and guava that I didn’t mind. However, I think the easiest way to get it down is to blend it with frozen berries (and a high quality protein powder) to make a smoothy.. :)



    My husband who doesn’t like anything had to get coconut water to try, in case anyone got the flu. Everyone but me got the flu right before Christmas, and there the coconut water sits, because nobody was willing to even try it. We’ll probably still have it 10 years from now.



    Coconut oil is very good for dogs, due to it’s anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Our stores not only sells it as an oil, but has chips of it to be given as treats as well. As long as the sugar content is okay, and there aren’t any other “iffy” ingredients, then I don’t see why you can’t give it to your dog.



    I love coconut water! It’s my alternative to soda. Been trying to wean myself off diet drinks. Not much to chose from though – coconut water, organic green tea and hibiscus tea and some other teas. And wish it didn’t cost as much as it does!



    My husband just decided to open our single can of coconut water and give it a try. He passed some around to whoever would try it. That would be me. He was not impressed, as I figured. I sure liked it, so I read the label. 110 calories per can. Ingredients: coconut water, water, sugar, green coconut pulp, and a couple chemicals I had to be careful to pronounce for freshness and to protect color. We likely won’t buy more unless desperate.



    I’ve tried coconut milk before, didn’t really like it, maybe I’ll give the water a shot!



    I found it to have a very mild flavor, still like coconut milk, but kind of watered down. Oh wait, the second ingredient on my can was water


    Mark McDermott

    Hi Betsy Greer,
    I too encountered the same experience with Vita Coco. I took one sip and could dnot take a second. It was awful. I tried many other, with some mixed results but have now found one the completely surpasses all the others. It is called TRUCOCO. It tastes completely different than other coconut waters. It has a crisp, clean taste and I absolutely love it. I have also given it to my dog, but before I did so, I spoke with my vet who said it was not harmful at all for my dog’s body and that it in fact could be quite beneficial for him. I found TRUCOCO at Whole Foods – it is in a glass bottle. It is fantastic.



    Coconut water is supposed to be better than electrolyte drinks after the flu or other stomach illnesses, among other things.



    I’ve seen coconut oil for pets in the pet stores too..but I’m assuming there’s no difference between those and the ones you can get cheaper for humans. As long as you get a good quality one.

    Coconut WATER for dogs? I’ve given it to mine and he loves it, but I would think it’d be a bad idea to do so daily..due to the “sugar”?



    The only coconut water I have had didn’t have much “sugar” in it, but it isn’t something that I would give my dogs just for the sake of giving it and therefore they wouldn’t get it often at all, unless it was for a specific issue that popped up.


    Coconut water is actually great for dogs. =)



    Would there be any benefits in giving you dog organic coconut chips. I’ve seen them at health food stores and wondered if they’d be as healthful as the coconut oils in their food or at least as healthy treats.



    They supposedly have a type of fiber in them that feeds the good bacteria and they should be good for chronic diarrhea sufferers, but I think that would be something that a little bit spread throughout the day would be more beneficial than a whole chip as a chew.


    I’ve seen them also, Dori. I’ve haven’t bought any yet, but have had some Coco Therapy Coconut Chips in my Amazon shopping cart for a while.

    Here’s a link to the product:



    I give my Bruno a teaspoon of coconut butter (dried unsweetened shredded coconut flesh, processed in the food processor until it becomes butter-like) every other day with his breakfast. He is super soft and shiny. I love it! I personally love coconut-anything, and this coconut butter is what goes on my toast every other day as well. But I can imagine pure (unsweetened) coconut water would be good for pups too.


    Mystery gets about a tablespoon of organic, extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil once a day. He had extremely flakey skin – I’d find it in and around his crate every morning, like snow! After no results from trying omegas and a “special” shampoo, I started him on the coconut oil, which I get from Sam’s, a few months ago. His skin no longer flakes and his coat is wonderfully soft.



    Mine all get organic, extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil too.

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