Are my recipes going to cause pancreatitis?

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    Jasmine T

    Hi, i rotate my dogs meat every week. Cooked to slightly cooked, Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat , little fish. He gets a raw egg coconut oil, colostrum ,eggshell powder, liver, beef kidney, hearts and gizzards are all part of his diet. A raw veggie mix. Some canned peas or something for more of a filler cus too much veggi mix gives him gas. Oh, probiotic yougurt sometimes,and always a quarter cup OVERCOOKED brown rice. 50% protien, rice and veggies, 10% organ meat(i am looking for spleen and other things in my area)
    Hoof soup ice cubes, for the natural glucosamine. Usually two or 3 a day. He is almost 12 and arthritic with torn acl.
    I add dehydrated chicken feet. As a treat.
    I cook meat in oven, i trim all the fat but its still greasy. I drain the juice during cooking at least once and the the rest after.
    I boil my hearts and gizzards ,kidney, lightly cook liver in coconut oil in pan.
    Will these things cause pancreatitis? The grease ftom the meat?

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    Has the dog made a full recvovery from the gastrointestinal upset you spoke of in another thread, less than an hour ago?
    Has the dog had diagnostic testing to determine the cause of his symptoms?
    Did the dog get the blood test that determines if he has pancreatitis?
    What did the vet that examined him recommend for a diet?
    I would imagine a bland prescription food as a base would be recommended, at least till the dog is stable,.

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    So glad he’s doing better, Jasmine 🙂
    The above article has a lot of info on pancreatitis. If you’re concerned about the possibility, boiling the meat vs. baking might be a good precaution as boiling (and rinsing after) removes a lot of the fat.
    A good low fat protein source is turkey breast, very lean. When I was cooking a very low-fat diet for a dog of ours the staple was turkey breast mixed with pulped steamed veggies and pumpkin (as a temporary diet) and we added in calories with coconut oil. Dogs that have had recent bad gastric upset (or are at risk or suffer from chronic pancreatitis) seem to do really well with MCT’s.
    I would personally avoid lamb and pork; very high in fat and his tummy doesn’t need the stress right now. I would seek out lean beef.
    Depending on where you’re located, my pet carnivore (dot com) offers spleen as well as pancreas. I’m not sure if Hare Today offers this or not. I would contact the distributor about whether or not it’s OK to cook these things lightly if it’s something you’re interested in researching further.
    Best wishes to you and your pup.

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    Jasmine T

    He is on a bland diet right now. I was asking for future reference because i am here on this forum, and i was wondering how other people cook their meat.

    I was wondering if there was a healthier way other people might do it. MayBe il put it on a grill in the oven so the fat drips off.
    One vet told me not to boil his chicken , she said that she was worrried he wasn’t getting enough fat. She said coconut oil is a good source for healthy fat and thats one of things she recommends for her clients.
    I dont know if he is at risk for pancreatitis. After recent events i am going to talk to his favorite vet about it. She is very nice and he just loves her. My dog will not eat kibble EVER. I want him having only fresh healthy food that is alive and full of good organic energy. .

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    As a senior dog with a history of GI problems, he may never be able to tolerate anything other than a bland or prescription diet, for the rest of his life. Don’t be shocked if the vet that you trust recommends this. Try to keep an open mind.

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    Even dogs without pancreatitis sometimes don’t tolerate a high fat diet. I have one who does not, and he does just fine on raw provided I stick to low fat options for him. My IBD’er is doing great on cooked; I cook the meat in the crockpot until it falls off the bone and add some broth back in; I then re-add the bones to water and make bone broth for everyone.
    Like you I prefer to feed my family (which includes the animals) real food. When I was feeding an elderly pet with organ problems and joint problems, fresh food made all the difference.

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    I buy human 5 star grounded Beef mince & the 5 star grounded Pork mince, it says fat is 5% that’s all the fats together, the pork is a bit lower in fat-4.8%, I buy 1kg, (2lbs) I whisk 1 egg, chop up a few small broccoli heads, some chopped parsley about 1 heap teaspoon, I chopped up 1-2 kale leaves or spinach leaves, what ever is growing in the veggie patch, I stick with green veggies, I was grating 1 peeled carrot as well but Patch got itchy ears & starts scratching his ears/head when he eats carrots, I also add 1 teaspoon of Flax Almond Baking Meal, Flax meal is high in protein & Omega 3 ALA, Almond meal is another good source of protein, I mix everything together & make 1 cup size rissoles & make them long instead of a round rissole, I put the rissoles on a baking tray that’s lined with al-foil & bake in the oven after they have been cooking for 15mins I take them out of oven & drain any water, fat that comes off the rissoles, then I turn the rissoles over, I only get about 8-9 rissoles from 1kg, 2lbs of mince, it depends on what I’ve added to the mince meat, they only take about 25-30mins & they are cooked, I cool & wrap indavidally in cling wrap & put in a clip lock plastic bags & freeze, I also peel, cut & boil a few sweet potatoes, they also freeze really good, I feed 1 cut up rissole with about 1/3 a cup sweet potato mashed thru the cut up rissole….
    My vet recommended I buy the meat whole & not buy grounded minces, she cuts off the fat around the meat then grinds up the lean pieces of meat, this way you know no fat is added, in the Pup Loaf video, the cook grinds the pork steak up cause they couldn’t find any lean, grass feed, organic pork mince..

    Acroyali gave good advise using a crockpot if you google “Dr Judy Morgan” has some really good recipes on U-Tube, I think she has about 8-9 dogs, all have different health problems…Bone broth is excellent for their bones, joints, brain & soothes the stomach/bowel…
    Here’s Judy Morgan’s Bone Broth recipe & Golden Paste recipe for Arthritis & other health problems-
    Judy’s “Pup Loaf” recipe for her sick dog-

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