Purina Veterinary Diets HA (Dry)


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Purina Veterinary Diets HA dry dog food is not rated due to its intentional therapeutic design.

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08/15/2011 Changed rating to “Not Rated”
02/17/2013 Review updated

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  • elisha

    Carolina Prime. Wheat free Sweet tater fries all natural.

  • DAWN

    Your thoughts are…exactly right! Vets want dogs on rx foods because they get a kick back from it!! Grrrrr..These ingrediants are deplorable :( IMO

  • Aimee Jolley Somers

    I give it my Praises!! Wow, lots of bad comments. Well I’m not wild about the ingredients but Purina HA is the ONLY commercial dog food my dog can eat. So I will give it my praises!! I’m tired of making home made food (people food/twice a day) or having a dog with diariah or bladder problems. And the only treat he could handle before was Ice cubes. It is so wonderful now that he is on Purina HA. He is now a normal dog, not a demon from hell (and I have never ever called any of my animals that before). He is rapidly and happily improving on his training. And now that he is on normal food we can travel. Not every food is right for every dog. My older one also has an allergy but not as severe and is on Blue Diamond.

  • Dori

    Is it possible for you to use something other than canned tuna? Tuna has the possibility of containing Mercury so long term it may not be a good idea. Possibly integrate sardines in water and/or canned mackerel so that he’s not eating quite so that he’s not eating tuna on a regular basis.

  • Christina Cervantes-Ayotte

    Our Lab/Golden mix has had the same issues. We have spent thousands on him trying to find out what is causing all of these problems, including specialists, medications, and ultrasounds. While on the HA, he began to lose his fur. He’s on a couple of meds now, including Imodium anti-diaherial, and is eating a combination of HA and grain free Sojos with canned tuna that we add to it. He’s doing much better now, but we’re not entirely out of the woods, yet. We’re happy with the Sojos and hope we can phase out the HA, as that is our Vet Specialists goal.

  • Tracy Hutchinson

    FYI For those reading…Our dog also had problems choking and gagging on this food. Adding some water to it just before eating alleviated his issues in regards to it getting stuck in places.

  • Julie A

    I have a 2.5 year old Weimaraner that has really bad dirty ears. I have had problems with her ears since she was little. She was on Life Abundance Dog food from the breeder. I checked the dog food out and decided to keep her on it. Finally after numerous vet visit’s one of the vets had me put her on the Purina Veterinary Diets HA Hypoallergenic cleared ears right up never looked better! He just wants me do a trial and error to figure out what she is allergic to. Mean while my dad heard about Dinovite so I got online and checked it out. Put her back on Life Abundance added the Dinovite to her food her ears are back where we started. So now I want to start food trials see if I can get her on something that works for her. Through some of my reading and research on here sounds like dogs are usually more allergic to a protein source than a grain source. Just was looking for some recomendations on what to try.

    I also have a 14 week Weimaraner and 12 Year old Black Lab they do great on the Life Abundance!


  • K8a

    My dog was prescribed this in attempt to alleviate allergies. I hated the ingredient list from the second I saw it but thought I would give it a shot. She did horrible on it and only lasted 5 days. I understand the idea behind the hydrolyzed diet but it’s still soy.
    Not to mention, the food goes really pasty when the dog is eating it and it sticks like glue to the roof of their mouth. I was careful to watch her as she was eating it from reading other posts and I had to feed her a bit at a time to prevent choking. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!

  • theBCnut

    Why did you turn this into an argument? The OP was feeding Purina, Wellness is leaps and bounds better than that. The OP stated that their dog had a weight problem, the advice that you originally replied to gave suggestions for quality low fat foods. Wellness may not be quite as high quality as Orijen, but it is certainly a high quality food in its own right. And the post that you originally replied to specifically mentioned Wellness Core, which is not grain inclusive. You created an argument out of nothing. Try adding further suggestions instead.

  • evilpinkloli

    You’re wrong. Wellness Grain Free is $53 for a 26 lb bag on Chewy. It has similar ingredients to Orijen: turkey, chicken, peas, potatoes, etc. Orijen is $74 for a 28.6 lb bag on Chewy. That’s for the CHEAP Orijen. Now if you want the fancy Orijen, you’re paying $93 for a 28.6 lb bag ($3.25/lb).

    And I’d like your proof that you’d be feeding more Wellness than Orijen, because you’d have to be feeding almost twice as much Wellness Grain Free to make feeding overpriced Orijen worth the extra money.

  • erm016

    You’re wrong. Wellness is SUPER expensive for what it is, the mediocre products & ingredients.

    You feed A LOT more of Wellness than you would Orijen, so it’s no cheaper, and in fact, more expensive to feed Wellness.

    Not to mention the ingredient panel. Compare Orijen to Wellness (assuming you know what you’re reading) and you’ll see the difference.

    Wellness has no business charging what they do for Adult Chicken (with grains) for close to $60. It’s crap.

    I promise, you won’t win this argument.

  • Kramer

    No big surprise here, evilpinkloli eats dog food

  • evilpinkloli

    There is nothing wrong with Wellness. It’s a great food. Orijen is extremely expensive, and other foods, such as Wellness, are just as good for much less money.

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com/ Mike Sagman

    Thanks for your question. Because of their intentional therapeutic designs, we don’t review prescription dog foods on this website.

  • erm016

    And anyone who knows about dog food doesn’t recommend Wellness 😀

    I recommend Orijen over Core.

  • Chad

    Thanks for adding a positive comment. So many bash a particular good when they have almost no idea what they are taking about. Purina, other pet food companies and your vet all want your pet to be healthy. It’s their ultimate goal.

  • healthyliving

    Consider a hydrolyzed protein food- purina HA sucks with corn and soy protein sources (two worst GMO poison crops), but Hills ZD Ultra has a better ingredient list. Visit their websites and look at their choices. They are prescription foods. For a cheaper-available at Walmart- OTC alternative the Rachel Kay grain free or just 6 aren’t too bad.

  • healthyliving

    I hate the ingredient list- Corn starch and corn oil, Soy protein and soy oil- the two worst GMO crops. Since it is hydrolyzed to component amino acids- for this price they should be able to use a higher quality food source. Once it is broken down to the less allergenic amino acids vs the intact protein, the amino acids are the same. But I would rather NOT start with protein from the two worst toxic poison GMO source plants.

  • InkedMarie

    Have you looked at the ingredients? They’re horrible. Please think about changing your dogs food. I recommend Wellness Core reduced fat dog food, also Annamaet lean. Your dog deserves better.

  • Sky Soldier

    Try giving your dog simple bites of fresh apple. Our dog loves it..and also fresh bits of carrot.

  • Sky Soldier

    Our elderly dog (mixed breed Cocker Spaniel/Terrier) was overweight until the Vet prescibed (Veternarian only carries it) “Purina OM (overweight management)” dry food. I’m wondering why this specific Purina dog food is not on the list?

  • JM

    Hi! My dog is having very similar issues to yours….chronic diarrhea, etc. The vet suggested we try this food out, so we just started him on it yesterday. His diarrhea is now like water! Anytime we have changed his foods we have issues. Can you tell me how long it took for your dog to get used to this food and for the diarrhea to stop? thank you!!!!

  • Eldee

    Purina makes a veterinary treat called gentle snackers hypoallergenic dog bisquits.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Time to break him of being spoiled by treats, it seems to me!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sorry, there is nothing like this except other prescription hydrolyzed foods.

  • Erik E

    Does anyone know of a dog treat with similar or equivalent ingredients that I can give to my dog while on the Purina HA? He’s on it for allergy testing purposes for the next 8-10 weeks but won’t eat the puffs as a treat. He’s been spoiled to get a treat after he eats his meals.

  • Betsy Greer

    Gotcha! I think I’ll try it also, then. We’re doing good so far on the Legacy, but I think I’ll look at Great Plains Feast then also and see if that might fit into our rotation. Thanks!

  • Pattyvaughn

    So far Great Plains Feast. I would try Coastal Catch, but I can’t remember why I thought I’d take a pass on Meadow Feast, either protein to low or it had something in it that I’m avoiding with my crew, or maybe it was just that they didn’t have it when I came across Earthborn at a little hole in the wall pet store I found by my agility class. They had the new Orijen, but only in tiny bags, so I still haven’t tried it, but now I’m not so sure that I want to, until I find the freeze dried.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hey Patty,

    Which particular variety of Earthborn do you use?