Hill’s Prescription Diet D/D Canine (Dry)


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Hill’s Prescription Diet D/D Canine Skin Support dog food is not rated due to its intentional therapeutic design.

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  • Amanda g

    I have had a positive experience with hills prescription diet d/d. when my gsd was 8 month old he was eating chicken soup for the soul dog lovers large breed puppy. When time passed I noticed that he was getting hair loss around his eyes And ears. He even got a few skin bumps.And his belly felt warmer than if should be. It looked a little beloted too. But I assure you there he was on revolution and he was deformed a couple weeks back. My gsd refused to eat sometimes even if it has been a while since he’s ate. (Chicken soup at the time) Vet wanted to treat him with signs of mange but when his treatments were over. Things seemed to get worse. My vet then prescribed my baby on D/D HILLS prescription diet. I’ve seen such great improvement. His hair has grown back and has been gobbling his food down like it was the end of the world. He’s beginning go take naps now because he never did b4. Which was odd because he was a puppy. Im going to assume this has been allergies. When I’m done with this trial I want to switch dog foods. Maybe something grain free? Any ideas?

  • justwatchingu

    it is a prescription only food, you can get it from a local veterinarian.

  • Pattyvaughn

    What are you feeding now? Grain intolerance can give these symptoms, so trying a grain free food may be very worthwhile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lena.covey Lena Covey

    Same symptoms for my Maltese. Her allergies were affecting her quality of life. I have finally found a vet. That is trying everything. She is now on an antihistamine. Plus steroid. Trying to cut back on the steroid to every other day. It’s so pitiful. And my girl knows she is allergic to grass. She hates it! Is the dd food helping, I don’t think so, but I’m willing to do anything to help her!

  • dani

    Hound Dog Mom- thank you for responding. will check out the forum , thanks! LOL The article  from Dr. Karen Becker is where i got my info  that the potatoes in his diet were a big mistake. Thats a great article .

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi dani –

    14% protein is WAY too low for any dog, let alone a growing puppy. If you head over to the forum section, under the “Dog Food Ingredients” forum Marie has put together a list of grain-free and white potato free foods. These foods would be a great choice for a dog with yeast issues – make sure the food you pick is approved for “growth” or “all life stages.” Also, here is a good article on yeast in dogs from Dr. Karen Becker – it addresses what you should be doing to get the yeast under control:


  • dani

    my 10 month old pup was put on the d/d potatoe and venison 4 months ago for skin allergy problems. He also has reoccuring yeast problems. My concern is the main ingredient is potatoe? and the protein content  seems way too low for a growing puppy. I thought you were suppose to feed a diet with around 26% protein, this food only has 14% protein. I have also read that potatoes are no good for yeast problems. Im switching to a grain/potatoe free diet.

  • sandy

    He needs something more nutritious than this 1 star food.  Look at the first 5 ingredients – only one of them is actually meat.  And it’s not a meat meal which is more concentrated. It’s almost like eating potato chips with fiber!  The duck by-product meal is even listed behind the salt so there can’t be much of that either. Did you know ingredients are listed in descending order by precooking weight?  I would put him on a grain free and potato free food.  If you could try raw food that would be best, if not then a grain/potato free canned food (Ex: Merrick Before Grain, Natures Variety Instinct), then the grain/white potato free kibble.

    Examples of grain/potato free kibbles:  Brothers Complete Allergy, Back to Basics, Natures Variety Instinct and Instinct LID, Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Great Plains, Dogswell Nutrisca, Canine Caviar, Horizon Legacy (Amicus/Pulsar/Legacy), California Natural Grain Free Salmon formula and Kangaroo formula and Chicken Meal formula, EVO Herring & Salmon, Nutrisource Grain Free, Innova Prime, Darford Zero G.  

    Some fish oil supplements or coconut oil might also help, and a good dog probiotic/enzyme supplement for good immune system/digestive health.


    Just my thoughts :)  Hope he feels better soon.

  • Linda

    I have been feeding my terrier mix Hills DD since 01-20-12 and his hair loss problems are getting worse!  Any suggestions?

  • Linda

    My vet just put my terrier mix on Hills DD potato and salmon.  He was being fed Blue Wilderness.  Benny has horrible dry itchy skin and has bitten quite a bit of the hair off – like a mohawk down his back.  I hope this works

  • Giselle

     My dog had horrible itching, hair loss and scabs all over his back and tummy. He had been on Natural Balance dry food. After thousands of dollars in vet bills (including allergy tests), antibiotics and D/D potato venison formula, the symptoms came back once he finished the antibiotic trials. The D/D diet did not help. The antibiotics took care of the bacterial infection (along with expensive medicated shampoo) for a short while. In the end, I took him off of the D/D food and the antibiotics and now feed him home cooked ground turkey with white rice. He looks BEAUTIFUL again! Super shiny coat, no more hair loss! Next step is to slowly add some foods to the diet to give him complete nutrtion. I am not a D/D advocate.
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  • Giselle

    Hi Lucia. My dog had horrible itching, hair loss and scabs all over his back and tummy. He had been on Natural Balance dry food. After thousands of dollars in vet bills (including allergy tests), antibiotics and D/D potato venison formula, the symptoms came back once he finished the antibiotic trials. The D/D diet did not help. The antibiotics took care of the bacterial infection (along with expensive medicated shampoo) for a short while. In the end, I took him off of the D/D food and the antibiotics and now feed him home cooked ground turkey with white rice. He looks BEAUTIFUL again! Super shiny coat, no more hair loss! Next step is to slowly add some foods to the diet to give him  complete nutrtion. I am not a D/D advocate.

  • melissa


    If your dog does not have food allergies to certain proteins, then how aout trying something that is made for “sensitive stomahs”? I have not tried it, but I have noticed several times a canned product called ‘Dave’s Dog food” for sensitive stomachs-I do not know the protein source as I have never looked at the can closely.

    If this were my dog, and no allergies that are an issue, I would look for something a little higher in fat than what you are currently feeding-SLIGHTLY higher-and transition slowly. If the dog tolerates it, I would then after a month or two, look for something slightly better from there and keep moving onward until you find something of high quality that does not upset the digestive tract. You might also try something with a smaller kibble size to see if your dog will eat that in addition-but no salami, lol.

    Peter-Simply, not everyone has the time to cook or prepare foods for their dogs.It does not make them lazy or any less caring.

  • Peter

    My dogs are on a raw diet and they are super healthy and fit. Dog food companies create ‘food’ out of the cheapest ingredients. Their bottom line is to make a huge profit whether the food is good for the dog or not. Surely this should send alarm bells for any pet owner. Just for the sake of convenience and lazyness people are unwilling to put a little bit more effort in preparing their dogs food by using ingredients that they would eat if in the wild. Dogs have socially evolved but they are biologically the same as any wild dog. Please, boycott these nasty dog food companies and use common sense when feeding your dog. Google BARF diets for dogs.

  • sandy


    Have you seen Weruva canned food. I just bought some to try out. It’s real chicken and not greasy. weruva.com. Also, have you tried the 95% canned meat? Maybe mix that in with the d/d canned or give it plain with a dog vitamin. Have you tried raw food? It’s real meat also. Since your dog is so small, have you considered just cooking for him? If he did well on the chicken and rice, why not keep doing it? Just add a dog vitamin.

  • abba

    i recmman it to all dog owners, i live in mobile al usa

    i would love to buy d/d for my dog , if there is store in mobile

    that sale it please let me know by phon or EM thanks abba

  • Jonathan

    If limited ingredients is what you are after, Natural Balance makes a line of LID canned foods. They have Duck and Potato, Venison and Sweet Potato, Bison and Sweet Potato, and Fish and Sweet Potato. Ask you vet about these.

  • Dianne B. Mullis

    My 5/6 pound Yorkiepoo Sharpee has been on canned d/d Venison for a year or more now.Recently requested of my Vet a flavor change and canned d/d Duck was approved for me to purchase.He was originally prescribed z/d for GI issues from my husband giving him a piece of salomi.When he continued to have diarrhea for three months on the z/d added to boiled chicken & rice and many $$$ in Vet bills testing him for everything possible,I said he can’t talk but I can.His food needs to be changed!That’s when he was switched to d/d.Early on I thought that this food was mainly meat but finally was told by Hills Prescription rep.that the d/d foods are meat flavored.I am paying 2.60 a can for no meat.I also buy the d/d treats for him because he is so picky and won’t eat dry food.The food agrees with him but I know that his bowel movements get loose when he has grease.Strange because he can tollerate cheese.I also mix the venison and duck together to give him a change.My question, are there other companies that offer a good canned food that would have real meat and not greasey like z/d canned. Thanks in advance,Dianne

  • Linda Faulkner

    My little terrier/poodle was on Hills Prescription diet for 3.5 weeks which she really liked but had difficulty having a bowel movement ,which was very hard. Added moist pumpkin to the
    dry food also cut the size of the dry food in half which seemed too large for a small dog. Returned the food.

  • Jonathan

    Try a Natural Balance LID like Potato and Duck or Sweet Potato and Bison. That may help get the poops under control!

  • Jennifer

    fairly quickly because i was running out of the uekanuba, but he has been on innova puppy food for 2 months and has the same problems with diarhea, i even mix oatmeal in it so that it’s not as runny but more like pudding i would say. The vet said that if the hills doesn’t work then he would like to do some test to see if my puppy has a bacterial infection. I was thinking of trying the large breed puppy food instead of the regular since my puppy is a siberian husky. Any suggestions?

  • Jonathan

    How long did you transition for one food to the next?

  • Jennifer

    Hi! when we first got our puppy we were feeding him Uekanuba chiot dry puppy food, when i started doing research on foods and noticed that my puppy wasn’t eating the food and was loosing weight, decided to change him to Innova puppy food, but now he has constant diarhea but loves the food and is still gaining weight, just can’t get rid of the diarhea. My veterinarian suggested that i put him on Hills Prescription Diet the venison and potatoe. I’ve read the reviews on this food and am not impressed. I’m worried that he is going to have even more problems, especially with the potatoes and corn products included with very little meat source. What would you suggest i feed him, he is only 4 months old?

  • Jonathan

    Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diet. Try any of them with a unique protein. If your dog is still having problems after that, I dunno what to tell you!

  • andy conners

    we have a almost 2 yr. old lab that has been on d/d venison & potatoe for almost a year (at $87 for 28lbs.) recently he seems so uncomfortable chewing at his paws licking shedding like crazy etc… seems that food isnt doing anything? we met a person that has told us to stay away from any food that has grain in it. any thoughts out there about what food could be used????

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Karisa… For help and a list of suggested hypoallergenic dog foods, please see our FAQ page. Look for the topic, “Dog Food Allergies”. By the way, food is only the third leading cause of allergies. So, don’t forget to look at the dog’s environment, too.

  • Karisa

    I have a five year old Maltese who has been suffering from severe allergies for the past couple of years. I have spent thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars trying to help him get some relief. He gets ear infections, scratches and itches his skin raw, chews his paws until they are red and swollen and has infected little pustules all over is stomach and legs. It sounds terrible (and it is), but he is still so cute and always Mr. Personality. He has had the blood tests and they determined that he is basically allergic to everything. We went through two rounds of the hyposolution, atopica, different food trials (is currently on the D/D Salmon and Potato formula), Benadryl (etc), sour apple spray for his feet and several other things…nothing has worked except for small rounds of steroids. I will not keep him on the steroids for obvious health reasons. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I was about to order some medicated shampoo and some Omega-3 capsules. Help…please.

  • Shaun

    We have a lab mix. She started with itching her neck until it became raw, and the the itching increased all over. We have tried several dog foods along with benadryl and claritin and nothing seemed to work. I put her on the Hills d/d potato and duck, and what a difference. I had run out, and put her on the Royal Canine Potato and Duck, and I have to get her off of it because of itching again and back on the Hills. Something in it works. For us, Hills is the way to go.

  • Liz

    My vet recommended this dog food for my dog because she has kidney failure and can have little protein, little sodium, and little to no meat. It is great for her and she eats it fine. We have had no problems with this dog food at all.

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Thomas… Unfortunately, other than the star ratings themselves, I cannot provide customized product recommendations. Please visit our FAQ page and look for the topic, “Dog Food Allergies” for more information. You’ll also find a link to my suggested hypoallergenic dog foods. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers.

  • Thomas

    Also, Mike, what Brand/food from the 5star list would you recommend for an adult dog with potential food allergies?

  • Thomas

    My vet just reco’d this food to me for my Shiba Inu’s itchy skin. I went with the Potato & Venison Formula over the salmon. Since some people are swearing by this and others saying it isn’t great I’ll post the info from the bag mainly because I don’t know how to read it and I’m sure some of you do and can provide good input! Thanks in advance.

    (Info off bag below)

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein 14% (140g/kg) MIN
    Crude Fat 13% (130g/kg) MIN
    Crude Fiber 3% (30g/kg) MAX
    Moisture 10% (100g/kg) MAX
    Ash 8% (80g/kg) MAX
    Calcium 0.5% (5g/kg) MIN
    Phosphorus 0.35%(3.5g/kg) MIN
    Vitamin E 450 IU/kg MIN
    Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) 85mg/kg MIN
    omega-6* 2.5% (25g/kg) MIN
    omega3* 0.5% (5g/kg) MIN
    Eicosapentanoic Acid* 0.14% (1.4g/kg)MIN

    *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

    AAFCO STATEMENT Use only as directed by your veterinarian. Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Prescription Diet(tm) d/d Canine Skin Support Potato & Venison Formula(tm) provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs.

  • Jonathan

    I just searched the web for half an hour trying to find an AAFCO statement about his food and got nowhere. I ended up on the Hill’s web page looking at their “FAQ” and their “dog food myths”. What a joke! It’s almost like it’s set up as a defence against your site, Mike.

    And it blatantly denies that dogs are carnivores.

    It stands for corn like a champ.

    It refutes the need for all meat-based protein.

    It talks up chicken by-products like it was the holy grail.

    And, it reitterates the “no people food” crap they always shuffle around.

    Cracked me up.

  • Jonathan

    Ha! I guess they do. A self-serving system if I’ve ever seen one.

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Some foods are for intermittent feeding only. And this could be one of them. However, without further information, I guess they want us to rely on the vets to “prescribe” these products.

  • Jonathan

    Interesting. I have seen, though, on several different prescription Hill’s products an AAFCO statement that says “for intermittent feeding only”.

    It also says that on the nifty new marketing gimmick “weight loss system” they came out with where all the food and treats are in pre-measured plastic bags for those to incompetent to handle a measuring cup and count out 2 bones.

    And, in any account, “rock bottom minimum” still means “find a better food” to me… :-)

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Jonathan… Although there’s no AAFCO statement on the company website (common with many Hill’s Prescription products), this doesn’t mean there something inadequate about this product. I’d suspect the recipe is almost certainly AAFCO compliant.

    With no adequacy statement, it’s impossible to know for which of the two recognized nutritional profiles the food is appropriate. The 18% dry matter protein content in this product is right at the rock bottom minimum needed to meet AAFCO nutritional standards for adult maintenance only (not growth or reproduction).

  • Jonathan

    Vicki… just because it is working for a given problem (which no one is contesting that it may) doesn’t mean it is truly nourishing your pup.

    There is little in the way of “good stuff” in this food. It doesn’t have chelated minerals, and it uses know carcinogens as preservatives. There is hardly any meat in it, and it has so little protein that it doesn’t even have an adequacy statement from AAFCO. It is only meant for intermittent feeding.

    Have you tried Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diet Potato and Duck? It is a much better food, and serves the same purpose by using a unique protein and only potato as the carbohydrate.

    And be SURE to transition to any new food SLOWLY. If you are throwing down a new food over night, then he will almost certainly get sick.

  • Vicki

    My 5 1/2 year old shih tzu has been on the Salmon/Potato d/d formula since she had severe GI issues at age 2. She loves the food and the food loves her. Because of the numerous poor reviews of this product I have tried on two occasions to change her diet – once to home made and once to the Hill’s duck and potato d/d. She became very ill (7-10 days) on both occasions so I’m sticking with the Salmon & Potato Formula. Something must be right in it.

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Donna… I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s urinary crystal problem. Unfortunately, since I’m not a veterinarian, you’ve asked a question I don’t feel qualified to answer. Like with humans, each dog responds to a particular food (or an ingredient) in its own unique way. So, because we only rate ingredient quality and estimate meat content, it would be misleading for me to assure you feeding a specific product would control your dog’s urinary crystals. Wish I could be more help.

  • donna

    My 7 year old cockapoo has been on eating Blue dry food; the lamb and rice flavor. In addition, she gets some cheese during the day, and a biscuit here and there. Recenty, she would begin to tremble and have accidents. After some testing, I was told she had a lot of crystals in her urine, and need to go on a specific diet. My vet recommended Royal, but my dog didn’t like it and is now on Hill’s c/d in the can.
    Can you recommend a brand that would benefit my dog and be healthier for her to eat while keeping these crystal at bay?

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Joyce… Sorry to hear about your dog’s experience. And I can understand your desire to switch. However, if you’re concerned about the smoke flavor (a common ingredient in human foods) I’d suggest you first read our review and check out what’s in Hill’s Prescription Diet D/D before you decide to feed it to your dog. Hope this helps.

  • Joyce Heckber

    Before you recommend Natural Balance, check with the manufacturer as to why they added FAKE smoke flavor to the canned sweet potato and venison recently. There’s nothing natural about it. They changed their formula and when I contact Natural Balance, they acted like they didn’t know anything about it. Also, our Yorkie has been eating the Sweet Potato and Venison hard food from Natural Balance. She is now recovering from a horrible bout of throwing up blood and black tarry stools. I have just read postings as recent as November 2010 that there have been dogs exhibiting the same symptons. Is this a coincidence? I’m am scared now to feed her anything from Natural Balance and we are going back to Hill’s D/D venison and potato as our vet orginally recommended.

  • Lisa

    My dog had been on D/D for years. She had a pretty coat but still itching. Recently her back broke out in scabs and flakes. She itches like crazy and her eyes are runny. Her coat looks awful. I started cooking for her and only after 2 days the itching subsided almost 100%. I have now switched her to California Natural -venison and I add a little Evandager(sp?) venison. I hope it works!

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Angie… I’m happy to see this food has been crucial in helping to treat your dog. However, as I say in this review, “it is not our intention to judge the appropriateness of any dog food to treat a specific condition”. All the reviews on our website attempt to evaluate ingredient quality and meat content only. And we do that by reading and interpreting pet food labels. Nothing more. A food can still be made with low quality ingredients and yet deliver the results your dog needs. Even though this product may only rate 1-star to us, it is obviously a “5” to your dog. And that’s OK.

  • Angie

    If it weren’t for finding d/d egg and rice my shih-tzu would prob no longer be with us. I had tried every kind of dog food available over a 2 year period. (he would puke up yellowish byle) and had a terrible sour stomach. He was taking 1/2 a zantac twice a day when feeding just to keep food down. His legs, belly and up were pink from his constant licking from allergies. He has now been on d/d as soon as it became available without illness. Except for the occasional treat he may have found that will still upset him. This food saved his life!

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Mandy… There’s no way to know for sure what the phrase “natural flavors” means. Many companies (like Natura, the makers of California Natural) keep this a secret. They say it’s “proprietary”. Yet others hide behind the term “natural” and still formulate these flavorings in a laboratory. How they can legally get away with this, I’m not sure.

    In any case, it would seem to me that there would be no direct relationship between “natural flavoring” and your dog’s allergy history. I’d still check with your vet to be certain. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  • Mandy

    Maybe you could give me your opinion.. my 7 year old boxer/sheltie mix has allergies to all poultry and grains as well as carrots.. she has been on the Hills d/d salmon and potatoe diet for the last year and a half. I have been researching and wanting to change her over to California Natural Grain free, the only thing I am concerned of is one of the ingredients listed, natural flavors.. how do I know as a buyer these natural flavors don’t include any poultry?

  • lex

    For a couple years my shih tzu suffered from bad skin allergies. I think she was 13 when it started (she’s 15 now). A lot of the fur was falling out on her back (because she would scratch it on the carpet or the table all the time) and the skin was flaking off. She smelled weird…like a corn chip (aside from the usual doggy smell, haha). Almost all the fur fell off her tail too, so it just looked like a rats tail. She looked so sad. I think it took a lot out of her, because all she did was sleep all day…didn’t want to go out and barely left her bed. I’ve had her since I was six years old and all of this made me sad to see her grow old. But, after many trial and errors, my mom put her on the hill’s prescription diet-d/d-venison formula for canine’s (canned food) as well as hill’s prescription diet-d/d-skin support-potato and duck formula (dry food). She also adds a little bit of skinless chicken to the meal…and the results have been fantastic! she has a ton of thick hair and the hair on her tail has almost grown back. And another nice surprise was the energy boost it gave her. She is always up and about sniffing around the house and going to the front door wanting to go out. It has been a totally, amazing difference. I just want to spread the word because I feel this new diet will add years to her life.

  • lucia

    my vet recently recommended i switch my dog from natural balance sweet potato & venison to hill’s d/d rabbit formula. he had a fungal & bacterial infection & a very itchy muzzle & neck. i switched his food from natural balance to hill’s. he was also given some antibiotics but the change of food & trying to get the pills down was too much so i backed off the pills & kept the hill’s food. the itching recently came back & i am not sure the food helps. i think he just has seasonal allergies & itches b/c of them. i met a vet at a dog park & he recommended some claritin :)

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Dana… Our point in saying we found no AAFCO nutritional adequacy statement isn’t to demean the product but to let readers know we’re unable to determine the life stage for which this product is recommended for. Is this dog food designed for “all life stages”, “adult maintenance” or “growth”? This is a very important piece of data that is missing from the website. It simply isn’t practical (or affordable) for us to go out and purchase the hundreds of products we review. So, we depend on this public information as a primary source for making our analysis.

  • Dana

    In regards to, “Although each product appears to have been designed to help with certain skin conditions and digestive issues linked to food allergies, we found no AAFCO nutritional adequacy statements for these dog foods on the Hill’s website.”

    Just so people know, D/D, along will ALL Hill’s foods, not only have an AAFCO nutritional adequacy statement, they have actually gone through food TRIALS which MANY dog foods have not. This is why vets sell this food, because they are formulated and confirmed through FEED TRIALS that they are adequate. This may not be stated on their website, but it is stated on every bag of Hill’s dog food.

    Though Hill’s d/d does not work for every dog, it does work.

  • Penny

    My vet has prescribed d/d lamb and rice for all three of my Westies. As you know Westies are notorious for skin allergies. My male Westie Max has packed on the pounds! He hasn’t changed his outdoor activity level or consumed more food. My two females are beginning to show signs of added weight and I’m concerned that they, too will become over weight. The one thing I have noticed at feeding time is they can not get enough to eat…it’s like they go away from their food bowl hungry. If they are getting mainly starch as your observation suggests then that is why they act hungry after they have been fed…and I want to add that their food is measured at each meal. My next step is to check your recommendations page. Thank you!

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi SD… That is a very good question (but one for which I don’t have a very good answer).

  • SD

    Hey just a question. I’ve heard such bad reviews about the Hills diet not just from this site but from a lot of other sites. But why are vets still selling this dog food?

  • http://DogFoodAdvisor.com Mike Sagman

    Hi Dori… finding the right dog food for each dog isn’t as easy as it seems it should be. Lots of trial and error. Try finding a 3, 4 or 5-star dog food on our website. Sometimes, when you’re looking for the cause of a problem it’s a good idea to look for very limited ingredient dog foods… products like Wellness Simple Food Solutions or Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets. There are others. Hope this helps.

  • Dori

    My doctor has just (yesterday) recommended that I start feeding my maltipoo (one year old and weighs 4.6 lbs.) Hills d/d because of all the constant itching and gas problems she has suffered from all her life. I have tried Avoderm, Canidae (the types meant for dogs with allergies) but nothing has helped her. I’m very skeptical to switch her to any Hills food because of its bad reputation and obviously for all the potatoe, very little meat and because of their use of BHA, propyl gallate and soybean oil. Don’t know what to do. Any recommendations from anyone with similar problems.

  • prl

    We find that the food has worked great for our sick dog who who has food allergies.