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  • Bob K

    on chemo – there are many 4 and 5 star rated kibbles that cost less than BB. Remember to transition slowly to a new kibble.

  • on chemo

    My 5 yr old pit bull is on BB wilderness high protein chicken. Her poops are good and solid. A lot less waste than with her previous food. My complaint is extremely gross gas. After reading solutions in this community I think I’ll switch away from chicken and high protein.

  • Mandy B

    Tammie – Did you receive reimbursement from BB?

  • Mandy B

    Have you ever heard anything back from Blue Buffalo? My cat was affected by Blue’s 2007 pet food recall. I switched her to Blue Buffalo cans, believing it was safe, and within 2 days, she was was deathly ill, and then the food was recalled on the 3rd day. Thankfully she survived with thousands of dollars in vet bills, prescription food, etc. etc. I submitted all paperwork and claim information to Blue Buffalo. They confirmed they received everything and proceeded to ignore my emails / calls after that. Never heard anything from them again. Filed a claim with the BBB, which also went unresolved. This company doesn’t care about pets or customers. It cares about profits.

  • wkmtca

    science diet is the crappiest food around. eating garbage would be better for your dog than a diet of that crap. read the ingredients. corn is almost always one of the top 3 or 4 ingredients.

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Cheryl-
    Do you have any idea what ingredient or ingredients were causing the loose stools? Which flavor were you using? I like grain free Victor, but it may have similar ingredients to Taste of the Wild depending on which ones you have fed.

  • Cheryl

    Does anyone have a suggestion fro a 6 year old, non-breeding english bulldog. I had her on Taste of the Wild but she had many loose stools. I just changed her to Purina One and it seems better but I am concerned with the chicken meal that is in the food since she was on an all nautral food. Ideas?

  • Shawna

    Please consider the words of Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Meg Smart for your puppy.

    “Variety is the Key (My conclusions after over 30 years of teaching veterinary clinical nutrition)
    Do not be afraid to add variety to your pet’s diet. Variety in the diet can include healthy table scraps (not leftovers often laden with salt and fat), homemade diets, kibble, canned, freeze-dried and dehydrated foods.”

    I’m not a fan of BB foods. One thing to consider however per the Merck Vet Manual, GSDs have a genetic predisposition to immunoglobulin A deficiency (IgA) which is part of the immune system. Because of this, GSDs CAN have a harder time with food sensitivities to certain ingredients. Some foods that an be problematic — chicken, grains (especially gluten grains like barley, wheat and rye), potato, legumes, soy, dairy and some others. I think the degree to which IgA can be deficient is pretty extreme causing some to have many issues while others may have a much less severe issue and yet others have no issue at all..

    Giving a good quality probiotic with at least 12 different strains of bacteria helps the body to utilize and/or produce IgA more efficiently. If you find your puppy does seem to have issues, please do consider adding a probiotic supplement or high quality food (like raw green tripe or fermented veggies).

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Chris,

    In addition to what Labs said, I wouldn’t transition a brand new pup to anything for at least a couple of weeks after bringing her home. Let her get adjusted to her new surroundings before you begin a transition, even if that means feeding her Purina for a couple more weeks.

    Here’s a Google document with foods that are appropriate for a large breed puppy. It’s very important to feed a LBP a food with a controlled level of Calcium and all of these foods are four and five star foods with appropriate Calcium levels for a LBP:

  • LabsRawesome

    UGH. Please don’t put your puppy on Science Diet. Choose something from this 5 star puppy food list.

  • Chris Stevens

    I am in Seattle, WA, and am having the same experience with the same food now.

  • Chris Stevens

    Last week I brought home my then 8 week old German Shepherd puppy. He had been eating Purina puppy chow at his previous home, and produced solid normal stools upon arriving at my place later that day.
    I began mixing small amount of Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice into the Purina provided by his previous owner, and immediately the diarrhea started. Additionally, he showed little interest in his food. His energy seemed fine aside from normal puppy naps, and he ate a little bit more but still not enough. I know a pup’s first week away from his litter, new water, stress of new environment, and of course new food can cause diarrhea symptoms. After a 6 days of constant loose, runny stools, however, I have stopped the BB and gone to 100% of the prior Purina food for now.
    I thought I had done good research to identifiy BB as a quality food, but when I Googled complaints about BB and diarrhea, I was shocked at the volume of consistent complaints with which I can identify.
    I am going to transition my pup to Science Diet, since it’s the primary food used by the U.S. military’s working dogs and give that a shot.

  • Mickey’s Dad

    It sounds like maybe a bad batch of food. BB is not a bad food. I would stop ASAP, contact BB, and get a small bag of something comparable. I just started Orijen. My dog has been very excited to eat.
    Did you look to see if she has worms?
    When our dog would get sick, not eat or diarrhea, we would cook ground beef 90/10 ( drain the fat), make rice (white) and cottage cheese. I would make enough for a day or two. This is still our go to. Our vet recommended it.

  • Tina Miller

    My baby girl, Std Poodle, has been sick, sick, sick using this food!! What brand of food has everyone switch to? I have to find something quick – my girl is skinny as a rail!

  • Katie Borg

    I also recently bought a bag of the blue chicken and brown rice, and our dog has been sniffing it and walking away, she will eventually eat it because she is just that hungry but now for the past 3 days has loose stools and bad gas. I do not have the bag anymore, we dump her food into a bin and used the bag for other garbage so unfortunately I do not have any info off the bag. But am definitely going to switch, wanted to give her something healthier so not sure what to switch to. We are in southeastern Michigan, someone mentioned if its a geographic thing so thought I would add that.

  • LabsRawesome

    Take her to the Vet. And then get her off Blue ASAP.

  • cindy o

    I bought a new bag of Blue chicken and brown rice small breed formula and my dog has been sick since. She has bloody diarrhea and no energy.

  • Karol Kohner

    We switched our 4 year old English Bulldog to BB duck formular over a year ago on the advise of a vet who recommended it as being the best food for our boy who is the absolute love of my life and want to do everything possible to keep him healthy and happy. He started getting upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrehea a lot and I didn’t really connect the timing was around when we switched the food. In the last two months he has really not been feeling good, the vet wasn’t much help and yesterday my daughter checked online to see if there could possibly be any recalls, she came up with recalls on a different flavor but the symptoms he had been having recently matched exactly down to the extra drinking and urinating so I am assuming that it isn’t just the chicken flavor that was affected. We also found many people complaining of the same problem, it can’t just be a coincidence. The food is going to be thrown away and I hav already ordered the original food we used to give him.
    How can this company get awAy with making so many of our dogs sick and charge an arm and a leg doing it?

  • KAD

    I have a 1.5 yr old berne/swiss mountain dog and she just had a seizure this morning–and threw up before and after. I’ve been hearing stories from different ppl about dog food being the source of the problem. We’ve only ever fed her BB so I’m hesitant to feed her this brand again. Has anyone experienced this or heard if there has been any recalls from BB?

  • KAD

    I have a 1.5 yr old bernie/swiss mountain dog and she just had her first seizure this morning. I took her to vet and they did some bloodwork… just waiting to hear back. I’ve been researching BB all day to see if there’s been problems with their food and am hesitant to feed this to her again. Have you had any luck figuring out what caused your German Shepard to have seizures?

  • HBR

    You also posted this to the Blue FB page where I asked you to provide a link to this info. As of yet I haven’t gotten a reply.

  • Brad Williams

    I am wondering why no one is digging into this. I “Googled” Blue Buffalo and found an article from 2007 where one of their suppliers, ANI was accused of “tampering” with the food. Blue Buffalo put out a press release calling ANI “deceitful” and saying they would never again use such a company. But guess what….ANI make Blue Buffalo today.

  • Shar24

    Well Purina is certainly slapping them with a huge lawsuit. Lets see what happens.

  • Thomas Dahms

    Well now I know its not just me, same Dam scenario, I have 6 month old Beautiful Blue Pit Bull, started using the dry puppy food and within 3 days she had the runs, I switched to Pedigree and the runs stopped. I then restarted her on the Blue Wilderness and again 3 days later she had the runs! This product touts that its all natural and healthy, this Company should be sued!! My poor girl has been looking a little better now that I stopped feeding her that Crap !

  • Taryn Hristova

    Last year I started my 13 year old Boston on the organic senior Blue Buffalo bag. I don’t know if it was related to the food but within 5 months he passed away, we think from liver failure. He also developed diabetes. I can’t say for sure it was the Blue Buffalo food but I have often thought that it was. Don’t take the risk…

  • Jill

    I had a 4 yr old healthy labradoodle eating BB Chicken Rice formula..died in March of liver failure 3 weeks after starting a new bag. I reported to the FDA and they have the food and are investigating. After reviewing my dogs lab results and medical records. Anyone else with a dog with gastro issues should have their dogs liver enzymes checked. My dog had normal enzymes before the fresh bag of food and her enzymes sky rocketed into the 1000’s after one week on it. Necrospy report rules any other health issues..finding was liver failure from toxin.

  • Pageisajoke

    I ate BB adult food and I started pooping green

  • Kim

    I have a westie 1 year old. She is a good eater and seems to have a strong tummy….until I gradually switched to BB small breed life source chicken dry food. Poor thing had the worst case of poop-juice and vomiting. I’ve taken her to the vet, had X-rays taken, with no identified issue. I followed his direction of rice and chicken for one meal to neutralize her system along with anti diarrhea meds. She rebounded fast back to normal. I resumed with her normal BB diet and am once again cleaning up vomit and poop-juice. I can only assume it is from the BB food. ;-(

  • Jenn’s Doxie Herd

    3 out of 4 of my dogs started vomiting and pooping straight blood after feeding them the small breed adult lifesource bits weight management. When I brought my 2nd dog to the vet and 3rd dog started showing symptoms he asked what I was feeding them cause he had 5 cases exactly like mine….The common denominator was we were all feeding them BB. I immediately switched their foods and 2 recuperated immediately. dorkie unfortunately got the worst case….she’s been on prescription food for months ever since this BB fiasco. I submitted a letter from my vet and the vet bills asking for reimbursement and recall with the better business bureau….and nd all they would say was it was their most popular brand and had heard of no complaints…and did that the 500 complaints on consumer reports were their competitors.

  • Kara

    I fed my dog 2 tablespoons of the wet chicken food (twice) and my dog has been violently ill projectile pooping so frequently that she required medical attention yesterday. I would not buy this food again.

  • losul

    Rumor has it, that Blue Buffalo is attempting to go public.

    Could be for several different reasons, one of which could be that they may be having ongoing troubles. Will be interesting to see how an ipo goes over.

  • Luke Johnson

    I wrote Blue an email. I’ll look into FDA.

  • theBCnut

    A lot of people are reporting this problem with Blue products in the last few months. Blue is denying that there is a problem, going so far as to say they have received no complaints, so please complain to Blue and the FDA. Save the bag and food on the off chance that finally the FDA will pay attention and wish to do testing. Offer to give Blue the bag info and a sample of the food, but not the bag or all of the food. I’d switch foods, if I were you.

  • Luke Johnson

    My 16 month old is on Blue Freedom chicken. She has done great on this since she turned one year old. The last bag I purchased was a 11 lb bag with an expiration date of Mar 27 15 and she is vomiting on it. I took her off of it and gave her the BB wet food sensitive diet and I added pumpkin to help her digestion and she did fine. I fed her the Freedom dry again today with some pumpkin also and she threw up again. She also use to eat the food really fast and this bag she is eating the food slow. So I guess something is wrong with the one bag. I have never had a problem with it before. She was on the puppy formula until 12 months old and never had a problem with that one either. My problem bag is an 11 lb bag with numbers P1351 3 3M27 on it. She is eating everything else fine and not throwing up. What should I buy her? She is a pit and pointer mix.

  • surfergirl

    I did call the store and they claim it’s the first they’ve heard about any problems. They did say they will give me a refund for he food as long as I have my receipt. I fed my dog other food this morning and so far all is well.

  • dchassett

    I would still suggest you switch brands. There have been many complaints about their different formulas. Typically they refuse to take responsibility for problems in their food.

  • theBCnut

    They still aren’t admitting that there have been several complaints from people using their other lines of food about digestive upsets, even from people who have been using it successfully for a while.

  • Nancy Burt

    Blue Buffalo nutrition rep called back quickly and said the Wilderness brand has more protein than some pups can handle. It will cause digestive upset. Suggests the Freedom line. Also said a new recipe for lrge breed pups coming soon to national petco, petsmart.

  • Nancy Burt

    Wilderness-grain free large breed pup

  • dchassett

    Which BB were you feeding them?

  • dchassett

    Well. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things. I doubt BB will say anything useful but am very glad you’re issuing a complaint in writing also. Does Merrick Large Breed make a puppy formula? I’m really sorry your little guys have been having these issues. As I mentioned earlier, if you take a moment and read posts on BB you’ll see that these issues have been going on for quite a while. I think they even had a recall at some point. You can always check that on this site in the Dog Food Recalls area. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Nancy Burt

    Absolutely told the new Mom and Pops to withhold BB. I use Merrick Lrge Beed for my adults who do well on it (Grain-free). Have used Wellness & Holistic Select in the past. Waiting for BB to return call. Also sent email complaint so there is a record of it.

  • dchassett

    I’m glad your taking the food back to the store. Also please call BB and let them know what’s going on. They need to be aware of these problems. The more consumers that call and report problems such as the ones your having they may actually do something as opposed to claim that they aren’t aware of problems with their foods. Also please call, if you haven’t done so yet, please call all the new forever homes and advise them of what’s going on. Keep us posted. Which food are you switching to, do you know yet?

  • dchassett

    Hopefully you called the store where you purchased the food and also BB. They need to know when these things are happening. Often we just throw the food away and eventually when people call the company they will say that they haven’t heard of any problems with the food. Either not enough people are advising them of problems or they can’t be bothered to figure out what’s going on. A number of people have been posting problems with BB with regard to vomiting and/or diarrhea. Good Luck with the new food. Hope your dog is doing well.

  • Nancy Burt

    yup, but hate to see it on the shelf if it is making other puppies sick! taking it all back…

  • dchassett

    There have been numerous posts of dogs experiencing similar problems with this food in the past, I would suggest you switch them to a different food. Prolonged diarrhea is not good for any dog especially puppies.

  • Nancy Burt

    New litter of Bernese Mountain Dog Pup 11 wks. on Wilderness BB and diarrhea on and off past 6 wks. Thought the product was good but even my new forever homes are calling me to report intestinal problems. Boiled rice/chicken straightens it out, but as soon as BB re-introduced, problem returns, Waiting for a return phone call.

  • surfergirl

    I got my dog the chicken blue food a couple of weeks ago and she has been vomiting since. I thought at first she had a stomach bug or had gotten into something outside. But she has been drinking and has plenty of energy and eating other things with no problem so I realized it must be the food. I threw the bag out and am getting her some different food.

  • caitran

    I will report it for sure.

  • caitran

    This seems right. My puppy had bloody diarrhea and the vet gave me some stuff to settle the tummy. The rest of the bag went fine, like once it got dry it wasnt as upsetting. I just bought the second bag of puppy BB and he has been throwing up since feeding him. I don’t think its coincidence.

  • zellchuck

    We switched over to BB about 3 months ago for our 8 year old poodle mix. We did it gradually and absolutely no problem. We have done the same with our two cats, and again no problem. We did find that each pet liked some flavors and didn’t like others. We went with the Basic food and stayed away from the

  • mindykins

    Hi, I have been feeding my 10 yr old mutt BB for quite some time now (she’s on the senior formula), but I recently bought the BB duck biscuits (instead of the salmon). She’s had one duck treat and is now experiencing a serious bout of diarrhea, for the last 12ish hours, she’s had very loose/watery/mucous coated stool. her behavior hasn’t changed, we went on a walk and she acted a-okay… she did her little I’m hungry dance this morning and she is drinking water. As I have read and re-read the ingredient list on those treats, I am wondering about the ‘chicken meal’ that is listed second, I know awhile ago they recalled a bunch of doggie treats for chicken meal contamination, i also have read that BB doesn’t use ‘chicken or poultry by-product meal’ (however when I read that and then look at the ingredient list I see a stark contradiction)… anyone out there with any experience or advice as to what I should do? I’ve called the vet and they said to wait it out to see if it resolves itself by tomorrow….

  • BB fan

    Not every dog food will be good for every pet. It’s like humans, not every food product will appeal to every stomach. I tried beneful and a purina premium dog food and my dog got massive diarrhea. I switched him to blue basics turkey and potato grain free and now his stools are perfect!! He loves it and have never had any problems with it.

  • Tiffany Tyanne

    I have 6 large breed dogs, and for the last 3 years have been feeding them IAMS, however with recent news that it really is better to feed dogs a balanced human diet, I am slowly transitioning them to such. It takes time to do the research and understand how their system works, (only able to digest fast carbs, need for enzymes, probiotics, and benefits of herbs) but at the end of the day the cost is around the same or less then most commercial dog foods. Plus if i see an issue from a certain item I can eliminate it.

  • piratefifty

    Thanks to everyone for the responses. I contacted BB after I confirmed that it was the Wilderness that was making our dog sick. They responded immediately, and recommended that I transition the dog slowly to BB. I replied that since the dog was healthy on Iams, I saw no reason to “transition” him to BB. One change that I have done is to blend his meal (Iams) with about 1/3 portion of cooked rice. This is the meal that I used to transition him from the rice/eggs/chicken during the post-BB recovery period. I know that adding the rice doesn’t help with his nutritional needs, but he loves it, and now finishes his meal in one sitting rather than eating half and nibbling on the remainder for several hours. I hope the raccoons like the BB.

  • Lindsey

    Wilderness is definitely not for everyone. Especially if you have been feeding Iams and Purina in the past. The switch from low protein to high protein is really hard and unless the dog has been fed high protein all of it’s life, it will probably get sick adjusting to it.

  • Lindsey

    I feed the same one to our dogs but I will say that I can’t feed it to our other dog as it is way too high in protein for her. As it isn’t considered an “easy to digest” formula, i might switch to one that is. The Basiscs has a Grain Free that’s really good. Some dogs develop an intolerance over time to certain ingredients and a gentle diet should take care of that.

  • Lindsey

    The BB Wilderness Salmon has chicken in it. The only chicken-less formulas are the BB Basics. While I feed Wilderness, Basics is probably my favorite especially the Grain Free. I would try the Grain Free Basics or if you really want to switch companies, Wellness Simply. With special dietary needs, it’s important that your dog is on a sensitive stomach solution.

  • Walkerhound

    Wilderness Salmon made my walker hound vomit and have running stool along with horriable gas. I thought I’d give him time to switch, but after 3 weeks I took him off and now he’s better.

  • joe tartaro

    if you feed this–your killing pet–read ratings— Purina EN, Eukenuba Low Residue, and Hills ID. These are all brands that come in the low residue that will keep her from going as much.——dont do it





  • LoveMyPets77

    how did you switch the food right away all at once or slowly over time (like your supposed to do it???)

  • LoveMyPets77

    at this point (8) is a normal age for most dames to start into loss of bladder and bowel control because of their very short lifespan, This is because in their senior years the anal sphincter looses muscle tone ergo its ability to hold it it can be a constant or on and off thing as. as the dog is almost 8 and it has been going on for 2 years that would be a fairly “normal” thing for their age danes are considered seniors at 5 years of age! giant breed dogs are amazing dogs that age to quickly (and it can make for a huge mess, believe me when i say i have been down this road 4 times before with my own danes! we recently got a goldie just for the sheer fact of i i need a break from the short lived breeds, they dont stay long enough on this earth and it can be too much heartbreak!)

    yes it sucks BUT it is a normal part of the aging process for a lot of dogs!

  • Lily Love

    I have a Great Dane that is almost 8 years old. Lily has been eating BB Wilderness for the past 4 years. I recently switched to the BB Basic because she has such bad gas. She has always been a picky eater and so I wanted a food that had a higher protein content and not a lot of fillers so she could put some weight on.

    For the past 2 years we have been having a problem that sounds like Cognitive Dysfunction. We have been dealing with a 110 lb. dog pooping in the house. No one has been able to determine why she does this. There is no rhyme or reason to what is causing this. I started working from home to make sure she wasn’t having anxiety for some reason and that didn’t help. I would only feed her once a day as much as she could eat and that didn’t help. There have been NO changes to her diet or lifestyle and sometimes she poops 1x a week, 4x a week or she might go a couple of months and not do it.

    She is a very laid back dog and has no reason to be having temperament problems. Last year the last child moved out so the house is always quiet. Sometimes she will come into my office from her bed and poop. A lot of times she will come into our bedroom at night come to the bed. She might poop right there or get scared when one of us wakes up and says her name and run to the back door and will poop along the way.

    We have almost put her down a few times but just can’t bring ourselves to put a healthy dog down. It is utterly disgusting and has caused us to cancel plans because she just pooped before guest were coming. You can not get that smell out of your house for some time. I won’t begin to describe all the things that have occurred during the past 2 years.

    After talking with the vet today he said to try a low residue food. He has never looked into BB but likes a Purina EN, Eukenuba Low Residue, and Hills ID. These are all brands that come in the low residue that will keep her from going as much.

    It came to my attention at that time that I wondered if she could have a sensitivity to something in her food. She has no other sign or symptom so I am reaching out for help. Maybe someone else out there has had the same experience and knows something I don’t.

  • Mike Sagman

    The individual you are writing to above (like you) claimed to be a member of the veterinary profession.

    According to our publicly stated rules, “In the interest of fairness, those who publicly claim to be veterinary professionals are kindly asked to post using their real names.”

    Since you also claim to be a vet in your remarks, please identify yourself using your real name the next time you post in this community referencing your professional credentials.


  • Mike Sagman

    According to our publicly stated rules, “In the interest of fairness, those who publicly claim to be veterinary
    professionals are kindly asked to post using their real names.”

    Since you claim to be a vet in your remarks, please identify yourself using your real name the next time you post in this forum referencing your professional credentials — or your comments will be subject to deletion.

  • MClay

    They do not pay anyone to recommend their foods. I am a veterinarian and you need to stop spreading lies that make our profession look bad.

  • Heayo

    I have a 7 year old rottie and a 2 year old beagle. We switched to BB recently and barely made it thru a whole bag before we switched back to Iams. My Rottie was miserable with the most toxic gas ever! The Beagle had runny green slimy stool and also bad gas. Obviously we discontinued the BB and switched back to Iams and all the ailments have stopped. I don’t believe BB is all its cracked up to be. My pups are happy and healthier on Iams. I won’t recommend BB to anyone.

  • Pattyvaughn
  • Robby

    Blue Buffalo is a great dog food. But no one dog food is best for everything. thats why there are so many different flavors. most people who find issues with a new food is because they didnt do the correct transition process. If you have a dog that wont touch it, try bil jac. Its also a great food and they are family owned, also never had a recal.

    Ive had 2 GSD’s, a doberman, a boxer, and a yorkie. All were fed blue buffalo dog foods. Do your research on what kind of food should be fed to your breed. (high protien, grain free, etc.)

    -been a vet for 8 years, had 5 dogs all on BB dog foods. And i recomend it all the time even though science diet, eukanuba, and nutro pay vets to reccomend their food.

  • Jules Lovasz

    I feed my girl Zia Blue Buffalo, the Blue Wilderness Healthy Weight type to be specific. She has a heart murmur and an enlarged heart, so for me it’s important to have a food that’s good for her with real meats, no by products and no fillers, preservatives or crap in it, as well as promotes a healthy heart. Since we put her on Blue she has been fantastic, healthy shiny coat, she loves it and is very playful and full of life. No issues, very lean and fit. We have no problems with vomit or runny stools. It’s a great food and we plan to stick with it. My vet was very pleased with the food and how well she is doing, all things with her heart considered. She’s almost 2 so I want to take the best care of her as I can so she can have a healthy longer life together with us <3

  • Jane

    cooper, I would highly suggest that you STOP buying any products by Blue Buffalo!. I have read over 400 customer complaints on Consumer Reports about dogs getting sick, some died from what their owner believe was the BB dog food!!! In addition, I just returned two bags to my local retailer because I don’t feel comfortable feeding my beloved pets this food now; and the owner of the store said he doesn’t know what BB’s policy is re: returns!!! That is just BS!. I have tried to find a phone number for BB and three numbers pop up; all are bogus!. I called three times to the 877-523-9114 number and it was Comcast!!! I tried another BB number listed as 800-919-2833 and it also said Comcast!!! I looked up BB’s CEO, Kurt Schmidt in CT, 203-762-9751 and it answers as “Welcome to Comcast”.!!! This company is not to be trusted in my opinion. The new CEO Kurt Schmidt was the former head of Nestle. looks like BB is following the path of Natural Balance, recently purchased by Del Monte; and I personally don’t trust either. There have been serious recalls from both of these companies in recent years. As always, it’s all about the$$$. I have changed my dog & cat food to a locally manufactured company , Dave’s for now , here in MA and another company worth checking out is Fromme, been in business since 1904 with no recalls , ever!

  • cooper

    I have been feeding my dog BB chicken and brown rice for sevetal months now, no problem at all. I was about to replenish supply when I found this site. I am wondering if the geographic location for all thrse complaints could be a consideration? I live in the suburban Chicago area…maybe these batches of food are manufactured in a different plant than the other batches which may be causing problems?

  • Labandbeagleboys

    Blue has not been bought, still a family owned company, original owner.

  • amara

    Have a 5 year old German Shepard who developed seizures last week. He has been on BB, as only food we found agreed with his GI system when we got him 3 years ago. I am wondering from the comments made if any one else has had this development.

  • Lorne Zimmer

    Too many whole grains and meat meal for, my liking, think i will stay away from blue buffalo, way not as healthy as they claim…

  • monty

    Three year old Plott Hound always ate quickly and happily until about 2 weeks ago. BB eater for life, we have tried 3 different bags of 2 different flavors and the results have been the same. She eats, reluctantly, hours and hours later. Noticed a soft stool a couple of weeks ago when we were at my parents house for the holidays and had to take her out on leash, not sure of the stool situation at home because she goes out in a fenced-in yard.

    She is hungry for biscuits and other things, so it’s not her. It’s the food.

  • Unhappy pet mom

    my puppy, now 8 months old, is a vibrant healthy pup.He was started on BB Puppy yesterday. After only three mini meals he is now vomiting for the first time,as if nothing he ate digested. He hasn’t done this on any other food. I wouldn’t recommend this brand.

  • Ted Fiorito

    2010 was the last recall to the best of my knowledge. I have a Cane Corso and a Pit Bull, they both eat Wilderness, Big Breed. Have not seen any problems yet but will keep an eye open.

  • Betsy Greer

    I found an article for the 27 best vets in NYC as chosen by New York magazine, but can’t figure out who is the “America’s Favorite vet in NYC” that you mention. If he’s willing to post a public comment on his Facebook page about Blue Buffalo, I wouldn’t think it would be a problem for you to share that information here. Could you share a link to your vet’s FB page, please?

  • Tammie Castle

    Wow! Thanks for the info. I was feeding my dogs the chicken and salmon as well.

  • Debbie Schultz-Scherder

    I trust my vet…voted as America’s Favorite vet in NYC last Fall….he posted a statement on his FB PAGE about BB

  • Debbie Schultz-Scherder

    there is an issue…as of Dec. 20th my vet said there s an investigation going on as to which mfg plant it is…and the media has not caught up yet….get your dog off of that BB now…my dog was vomiting the past week from the chicken and the salmon…..there is something going on

  • Mcwiklinski

    I started my 3 month old lab on BB life protection Lamb and Oatmeal, then switched to the BB large breed puppy, chicken. The puppy has had diarrhea since the switch. (Note, her stools were loose on the regular BB food). I have been reading the BB discussions and decided to go back to my old standby, Purina One Large Breed puppy. Since this was a quick change, stools are very loose, but she is active and happy. I will update in a few days as to her stool status. Unfortunately, I bought a big bag of BB and cannot find the receipt.

  • LabsRawesome

    I agree with Pattyvaughn. Switch foods immediately. Go with a different manufacturer.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Switch foods. Don’t throw out the old food. Call BB. File a complaint with FDA.

  • Jamie Hayward

    Hopefully someone will be able to give me additional info. We’ve had a problem with our Great Pyrenese (nearly 3 year old female) for the last week. No vomiting just explosive uncontrollable diarrhea. I watch the recalls but none of the Blue Buffalo treats or foods we feed Sasha were on the lists. She gets Wilderness Salmon dry food and any of the canned wet foods that don’t contain poultry to supplement. She’s been on white rice mixed with her regular food since she can’t have chicken since December 31st. Regimen was supposed to be a week with probiotic sprinkled on her food once a day. Diarrhea was gone but today came back. She’s had no extra treats since we called the vet and had her tested for parasites (which came back negative). I’ve heard a rumor that Blue Buffalo was bought out by another company and can’t find any supporting information. My puppy is not happy and I’m at a loss. Anyone have any ideas? Email me at jhoosiernca@hotmail .com or Send me a private message on Facebook please. Need to get a lock on this. Thanks.

  • Kelsey

    We have 4 yellow labs and since New Year’s Day two of them have been vomiting off and on and having diahhrea. The vomiting isn’t consistent with meal time and I am confused why the other two haven’t been affected. We feed blue buffalo wilderness- it’s a green bag with a wolf on it. Anyone else having problems with some dogs but not all that are eating this food?! One of our dogs actually is refusing to eat the food but will eat treats.

  • piratefifty

    Thanks Tammie…I was waiting to contact BB until I could give our boy a day or two after discontinuing the BB. What I can say now is that after three half-portion feedings of rice/chicken/eggs, he is his “old self” …no vomiting and his stools are normal. I’ll contact BB shortly.

  • Tammie Castle

    I just received a message from BB and they are having me submit a claim for the Vet bills and food cost. You should notify them of your problem as well.

  • Bobbi Brown

    Feeding my Cocker Spaniel BB Mature has had diarrhea for 3 days took her to vet and was advised to take her off BB products completely they are finding a large amount of bladder stones in dog’s and cat’s and the common denominator is BB products. Took mine off started feeding her Science Diet and she is back to normal. She was on BB for 3 years before this I think they might have some kind of problem based on what I’ve found researching this and even my cat won’t eat there food and she has eaten it for a year but couldn’t get her to touch it.

  • Karen Koskoff

    I just. tried my newfoundland on blue wilderness. He got diarehea. Was lethargic. As soon as I took him off which was a couple of days later he was fine.

  • Tammie Castle

    What food did you switch to?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Please report your dogs issues with the food to BB. They are still claiming that they haven’t gotten any reports of problems, but many people have complained here, including starting a rumor about a current recall.

  • piratefifty

    Thanks Tammie. I would also like to note one other difference with the BB Wilderness food. This dog has never eaten his meals “all at once” – he prefers to eat maybe 1/3 – 1/2 of the recommended portion initially, and nibble on the remaining for the next 2 – 6 hours. However, with the BB, he “inhaled” his meal in a couple of minutes. We initially attributed this to his diarrhea and vomiting, thinking that it was too much for his digestive system. I’ve decided to put him on a diet of freshly prepared rice/chicken/eggs with two half-portion feedings a day until we can get this figured out.

  • Betsy Greer

    It sounds like it’s been time for a change for a couple of months. I wouldn’t feed my dogs another bite of a food they were vomiting up, I hope you don’t either.

    And, you’re feeding a large breed puppy, who needs to be fed a food with controlled Calcium levels. Blue Buffalo’s Calcium levels are too high for a large breed puppy.

    You should be feeding a food from this list:

  • Tammie Castle

    Yes. I just posted above.

  • Tammie Castle

    My five month old lab has been on bb for a couple months diarrhea
    And vomiting since. Now my two year old retriever is doing the same.
    The vet has done several test and nothing. My lab has been on a bland diet
    For a week now and doing better. I think there is an issue with bb dog food.
    I have always bought the chicken bb. I think its time for a change!

  • piratefifty

    After Googling all morning to see if there are any “current” issues noted with Blue Buffalo products, I decided to come here and see if anyone has a current problem.

    A little over one week ago, we switched our 4-year-old rescue Akita-mix to BB Wilderness and immediately (within 2 feedings) the diarrhea and vomiting started, with both the vomit and his stools having the same dark brown color. Since this guy had never had any problems like this, we attributed it to the change in his diet and assumed he would “adjust” to the new food shortly. Since we’ve had this dog, he has been fed Iams and Purina products, and has always been healthy, happy, and his coat is beautiful, and never, Never, NEVER had any digestive problems. Two feedings ago we returned to feeding him the Iams product. So my question is, does anyone have an problems currently with BB products, Wilderness in particular.

  • Bulldog of the English Variety

    Update: I did not take him to the vet, decided to try a food switch first for 24 hours. I went to petsmart (where I always purchase BB) and bought a small bag of wellness and he ate it immediately with no issues. No vomiting, no diarrhea, very little gas. I have seen a complete change in him by just changing his food–back to his normal self. It was interesting because he would vomit within 30 min of having BB, and there was a lot of undigested kibble in the vomit, so his body wasn’t even letting it past his stomach. I told the clerk at petsmart about the issue and she acknowledged that there can be issues with certain batches of BB not being accepted by dogs at all or causing sickness. She told me if I return most of the bag they will swap it out for a bag of a different brand, but I still think BB needs to know about this, I’ve been a loyal customer for almost 5 years and now will not be purchasing any more of their seriously over-priced emetics.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Glad to help. There have been many reports of pets getting sick on BB, which is why this rumor got started, I believe.

  • Edd Phelps

    I can’t print the word “WEE” big enough here. TY sooooooo much. I love my pet so. They are why the word precious was invented.

  • Pattyvaughn

    People are finding this page, which is dated from the recall in Oct 2010 and assuming it is current. It isn’t. There is no current recall.

  • Pattyvaughn

    There is no current recall.

  • Edd Phelps

    BB recall? I can’t find it anywhere. If you have the link please post it. Only recall I could find was 2 years old.

  • Edd Phelps

    Where is the recall? I have combed the internet, I subscribe to thie newsletter advisory for dog food recalls here and I can’t find where BB was recalled anywhere except once about 2 years ago becuase of too much vitamin D in the product. Give me the link for the BB recall please.

  • Het Blum

    Please, please please, take your pup to the vet. he could have something very seriously wrong with him, I almost lot my dachshund three years ago, he was lethargic, vomited every time he ate. He had a sever blockage and had we not had taken him in when we did he would have died. it could cost you more to wait, even your dogs life. just take him in now before its to late. Your vet can tell you whats going on.

    There are also several other problems other then food, a bacterial infection is also one of them that can cause these issues. Just call your vet.

  • Xyla Carole

    This is nuts I’m gonna cook for my gals. I switched to BB no more dog food

  • Pattyvaughn

    Please stop giving him a food that makes him vomit. Go get something else and call BB and tell them your dog is having a problem with their food.

  • Bulldog of the English variety

    I have been feeding my 4.5 year old English Bully BB since he was a puppy. I’ve never had any issues with him eating until recently. We finished off a bag of chicken BB a couple of months ago, had a bag of Lamb BB for last month (he had a n interdigital cyst pop up and treated at vets–im sure unrelated to food but just fyi), then this month back to BB Chicken. Since starting this food 2 days ago he has vomited each time he has eaten it, and this has NEVER ever happened before. There is the off chance that he could have gotten into a trash bag at my in-laws which could have had avocado in it, but I highly doubt it–because every time he eats his BB he vomits. Yesterday he wouldn’t come up next to me on the couch, very uncharacteristic, he would only sit by my feet on the floor. He randomly got up to go to the back door and threw up. After that he was fairly normal again and came right up on the couch and laid down by me. This has been going on since NYE at around 8p, last occured last evening 1/2/13 around 8pm and it was immediately after he went to his dog bowl and ate his BB. I may take him into the vet just to have him checked out and to ensure he doesn’t have any intestinal blockages, although I would really rather avoid this because he is still pooping and urinating fine…I just have no idea why he would be vomiting like this.

  • Baci

    I had put my dogs on BB for about a year. They were eating it just fine. All if a sudden one dog started eating around the bits. Shortly after both stopped eating it altogether. I have Bichons and one is allergic to his shadow ( not really but you get the gist?). I didn’t understand why and started reading some negative things about those bits but reading all this perhaps they recognized something wrong. I am no longer feeding them this product. You will probably all laugh but maybe our dogs are telling us something too. As my dogs don’t go near chocolate, avocado or other things that are not good for them.

  • Pattyvaughn

    No, they really don’t get a number of repeated diarrhea viruses. Most cases of diarrhea in dogs are termed dietary indiscretion and are actually caused by the owner. If you feed the same food for long periods, which most owners do on the advice of their vet, any changes can cause diarrhea because the dogs body no longer has the ability to deal with changes at all. Rotating foods cures this issue over time because the dog’s gut becomes healthier with a more balance and diverse population of probiotics. After that there are causes like IBD and chronic colitis, which are generally, but not always due to intolerance of particular ingredient, again a food issue, but by no means a dog food company’s fault, more likely genetics and again the owner not rotating foods.

    So you are completely right that diarrhea is rarely the fault of the food, but it is most often because the dog can’t tolerate the food even so.

    And no one here should be offended by a good discussion.

  • cedarcrest

    The number of viruses is small but the occurance can rear its ugly head often. I agree with al that you said. I know that they find other animal poo delicious (yikes!) As well as cat food and all scraps or deceased carcus. It is just rarely the food that they are supposed to eat that does it. And some breeds are beter on certain food. When I thought some issues with my dogs was food (taste of the wild and Vets Choice) I tested the water and had special tests sent off to university. I did not test the food after test results came back showing no toxins. I had to chalk it up to barometer changes to cause preterm labor. I really did not intend to offend anyone. My point was that it is rarely the dog food.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I hope they do the right thing. But with these big companies, it’s so easy to ignore the right thing. And of course their lawyers tell them to never admit to anything. It’s too bad you don’t still have the bag. That makes all the difference in the world when investigating dog foods. I hope your dog makes a full and rapid recovery and I’m glad that you found out to stay away from BB before it was too late.

  • Mary Beth

    I didn’t mean to reply to you, sorry about that. I know BB wouldn’t reimburse me if it turns out their food is what got Roxie so sick (we thought we were going to have to put her down yesterday) but if I do find out it was due to her food, the only thing I can do is tell others what to look out for if they do feed their dogs BB.

    I still have her food but we don’t have the bag.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Dogs actually have very few intestinal viruses, so thinking of food as a possible cause of intestinal upset is the correct thing to do. You should also consider whether they could have gotten anything in the yard or had access to bad water, but those are still food issues.

  • Pattyvaughn

    If it’s the food, your vet bill won’t hurt them nearly as much as the recall will. If it is the food, there will be a recall, and it will be a relief if BB finally has to address all the complaints that are cropping up.
    Why did you post this in reply to me? If you think I like BB, you have another think coming. However, I really don’t like people posting that there is a recall when there isn’t. It takes away from real issues, like the fact that there may need to be a recall, and it gets people’s hopes up falsely. I hope you and your vet are reporting to FDA. Keep the bag, FDA will need it. Good luck.
    It is my understanding that BB fought doing a recall last time, so don’t hold your breath.

  • cedarcrest

    Lol! I was not clear, I think you get what I meant though. I really just meant that we all get sick for many reasons and usually it isn’t due to food. I am guilty of questioning food in the past too when my dogs are not well.

  • Mary Beth

    We just had to hospitalize our boxer after finding out she has a vitamin d toxicity. Roxie has been sick for almost month and they couldn’t figure out what it can asked if we feed her blue buffalo. They are going to send a sample of her food to be tested. If its Blue then they should be expecting a huge vet bill.

  • Zyekitty

    oh, sorry I mis-interrpretted. Of course it would be absurd if the government went into everybody’s kitchen and watched them prepare food.

    I was reading your comment more in the context of the BB recall and
    thought you were trying to say that BB shouldn’t be monitored b/c human food isn’t. BB would be the equivalent of food store/producer b/c they make the food and if I do something stupid with it once I bring it home…then of course BB would not be to blame, the same way as if I ate raw chicken, the store I bought it from would not be at fault.

  • cedarcrest

    The government checks food that stores and restraunts produce. They do not stand with me in the kitchen to make sure my food is cooked to the right tempurature or that I am not cross contaminating. I didn’t say they don’t regulate food in general.

  • Zyekitty

    How can you say the government doesn’t regulate our food? That’s what the FDA does.

  • HyattHeaven

    Of course the vet put your dog on Hill’s, because Hill’s is what they push. Do a little research and see what is in Hill’s. I believe we constantly have to keep an eye out on what we feed our animals. So far my Lab has been nothing but excellent on BB Wilderness. Her coat is beautiful, she has energy and her food is not filled with “fillers.”

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sometimes food is the cause, it’s called food poisoning or food borne illness. And we don’t drop things on the floor or leave them lying around until they rot and then throw them back in with the rest of the food. Dog food companies do. We wouldn’t need the Gov’t regulating, if we made our own dog food and the gov’t does regulate what other kitchens make. That’s why restaurants get inspected, and people still get food borne illnesses. I got one last Summer from lettuce at Olive Garden. It happens all the time.

  • cedarcrest

    I am a breeder and researching dog food is critical and so important for us. I have tried other foods and had major problems and have come back to BB. I have learned that my breed, Australian Shepherds cannot tolerate lamb products so I stay away from that formula. If you see mold in any food and it is not outdated, contact the company. I have to ask though, when your human babies get sick, is food ever the cause? Very rarely and we don’t have the government coming into our kitchen regulating our food. :D

  • Pattyvaughn

    Who are you? If you are Janice, then refering to a letter that was specifically written in response to a recall as if it was current is implying that you thonk there is a recall and if you are one of the other three people who has specifically said that their is another recall, well that speaks for itself. Either way, I didn’t say that you said there was a recall. I said “Are you missing that this is from 2010 and in no way current, or do you have another agenda? There is no current recall, this is over 2 years old.” The letter was a response to the amount of responsibility BB was willing to assume for vet bills incurred due to the recalled food. NOTHING MORE. It is not current, in any way.

  • Guest

    I didn’t say there was another recall.

  • Pattyvaughn

    But it didn’t.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Comments on consumer affairs site have absolutely nothing to do with what BB is doing.

  • Crazy4cats

    But, you shouldn’t be telling people there has been another recall and vets are reimbursing bills if it they are not at this time. There are complaints about every food. That doesn’t equal recall.

  • Janice Sutton

    I understand, but it could have happened again.

  • asgoldstar

    that link goes to a letter from 2010

  • Janice Sutton

    I did notice the date, however I believe it has happened again. Here is not a recall link but comments from more ex-blue clients –

  • Pattyvaughn

    Are all of you simply missing that this is from 2010 and in no way current, or do you have another agenda? There is no current recall, this is over 2 years old.

  • Janice Sutton

    Blue has put out a letter stating they will reimburse vet bills.

    Both my Terriers have been eating BB for over a year and now believe the last bag I purchased was bad as they both have been randomly throwing up and have had diarrhea. :( We were planning on taking them for check ups next week and then I read the above link.

  • Ellen

    I think I may have purchased a bad bag from Blue in November. My dog has been on BB for 2 years and through November he threw up 4 times in 10 days. Threw that bag away and tried a new one. My Vet said sometimes there can be a bad batch due to mold in the food. I purchased it on line and wonder if that may have been a problem.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    The same thing happened to my friend’s dog. Her pup came home from the breeder on Science Diet she switched it to Blue and it got very sick (diarrhea, vomiting), she tried Wellness and and everything cleared up overnight. I think it was definitely the food.

  • Baledwr

    A week isn’t enough to improve or cure most of those symptoms. And I’m sorry, “enough research to become a vet?” Online research can be highly questionable and is very opinion based.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Actually, she is correct. An animal that has been eating the same thing day in and day out does not have a healthy gut. Getting intestinal upset from switching foods is a sign that the gut is not healthy.
    However, you are right too. If the dog has been eating the same thing for a while then a transition is necessary, because their gut is not healthy.
    It sounds to me like Kimmy has worked at finding an education beyond just what they teach in school, which is ridiculously limited.

  • vinny

    The article for the recall is from 2010!!

  • Amanda

    Actually, you’re incorrect. Transitioning your dog from one food, especially one in poor nutrition, to a superior quality food is very critical.
    Can you imagine eating the same things all the time, and ring consistent, and then you start eating food your body hasn’t been introduced to, at least the quality of ingredients…? Your digestive system is going to take a toll to some degree. Diarrhea, feeling sick to your stomach, cramping. Recommending transitioning food is great and if the owners don’t do it, oh well. Apparently you should get more education about your position in working with “the health of animals”.

  • Amanda Tyrrell

    My dogs have been eating blue for over a year and no problems… sorry to hear about all of your dogs but I’ll never change unless recalled best food ever for my dogs and one of them is pregnant.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They can’t test it to see if there is anything in it without the food. Where are you getting info that they are recalling some food? I’ve looked and can’t find anything except the old recalls. Could you please provide a link or something.

  • Wanda Lee

    I changed my dog to Blue Buffalo in September. He did fine until the first of November. I started noticing diarrhea but never thought it might be the dog food. We quit with treats and I cut out all table scraps. Still he had diarrhea. After two trips to the vet and $500+ we started Boss on Hill’s Prescription diet z/d It took 2 weeks for it to clear up. I think Blue should refund the price of the dog food and the vet bills.

  • Shawna

    I disagree that excess protein is a factor but agree that quality of protein as well as the ability to digest the protein are contributing factors. In addition anaerobic bacteria populating the gut and eating the undigested protein is what produces the smelly gas. Try adding a digestive enzyme to help break down the protein as well as a HIGH quality probiotic. I foster Boston Terriers which are known for their gas issues. I have yet to have one that doesn’t respond to this protocol and all are on very high protein diets. I’ve fostered over 30 Bostons.

  • Eva

    Really. My gorgeous lab has been having serious issues and I believe blue buffalo is at fault. I did enough research to become a vet. I have now had her on wellness simple for a week and guess what. All the problems gone. She looks so much better. Her hair isn’t falling out in handfuls. Ear infection gone. Anal gland problem gone. She us just happy and full if energy again.

  • APD

    This is usually due to poor digestibility of the food, poor nutrient balance (i.e excessive protein, poor quality protein source, less good fermentable fiber or bulking fiber etc.). If there is an excess of poor quality proteins, the amino acids are fermented leading to malodorous gas, diarrhea and foul smelling stools. He is likely not digesting this food well. May want to consider trying a brand with different nutrient profile, even one with grains.

  • Christi Jackson
    i have been posting since August regarding my dog’s illness and have always said it was due to the Blue Buffalo. Of course the company has always denied it. After over $7000 in tests, hospitalizations and medications Blue Buffalo is now recalling certain lots of foods. Sorry BB but the food has been declining since last year. They actually asked me to send them the bag of food!

  • Kimmy

    I’ve never read such ridiculousness in my life. While it is true that dogs will tolerate foods differently, there shouldn’t be huge differences. They all digest food the same way. Also, you never have to “transition” your animal into a different kind of food. If your animal is getting sick, they either have an underlying illness or there’s something detrimentally wrong with the food. I’ve been working with the health of animals for over 40 years, and I do believe that some foods, such as blue, have detrimental effects on animals’ health. Being a pet owner makes you an expert on that particular pet, but not the species in general.

  • ApolloKub

    I changed my 3yr old Weimaraner’s food from Royal Canin to BB Wilderness Duck. His coat is shiny and silky but his poops are very stinky and he has chronic gas. He had giardia as a puppy he was treated/ Can any one give me any advise as to why he has such bad gas. I have gone thru a few foods. I gradually change him over also. I want to stay away from grain and figured this was the best. Please & Thank You

  • inance

    Stop that food right now.

  • Scotty Mahs

    I would check with a vet does not sound like its the food but more like worns…

  • Terra And-Bailey Barton

    well I’ve had my little Bijon on Cesars for almost 7 years until a couple of weeks ago. A friend suggested Blue Buffalo and was kind enough to even buy it for her as a treat. Her little dog eats it and is very healthy. But mine has started having trembling all over, scooting her rear, doesn’t seem to fill her up, and is constantly scratching. No fleas. I’m going to put her back on Cesars.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Gracie’s mom,

    I was reading an article recently by Steve Brown and he said that if the food doesn’t smell right to either you or your dog, don’t feed it. I would hope that if there was a problem with my dogs food, I’d be able to smell it, but I know their noses are far better than mine. If your dog is refusing to eat it, she probably knows best. I’d go to the FDA website and report the problem:

    I wouldn’t try to feed her any more of the food. I’d save some of it in case the FDA wants to test it and keep the bag or at least record the production codes (take a picture of it if you can also) if you decide to return the food.

    Two years is too long to be eating the same thing, maybe now is a good time to switch her to something else. It’s possible that the vomiting was also a result of her having developed an intolerance to chicken or some ingredient in the food. I’d look for another brand and a different protein, possibly lamb, to feed her and see how she does.

  • Gracie’s mom

    My 6yr old lab has eaten nothing but Blue Chicken and Brown Rice Large Breed dry food for the past 2+ years. I opened a new 30lb bag last Tuesday and she vomited that evening. During the night she vomited 3-4 more times emptying her stomach (I saw nothing but kibble). Since Wednesday morning she stopped vomiting but her usually voracious appetite has been very reserved when it comes to her kibble. She’s eager to eat anything else she’s offered but has been hesitant to dig into her dry food and beginning this evening she walked away without eating a bite. She was obviously hungry and devowered a slice of cheese within 5 minutes of refusing the kibble. This is a dog who would walk off a cliff to follow food and has always been very excited about her Blue dry food. With all the food recalls in recent years you can imagine my concern.
    I contacted my vet Wednesday but neither he nor I felt that the situation was dire since the vomiting had stopped and she had resume eating (although not at her normal pace). I feel differently now that she’s refusing the food and plan to call him tomorrow.

  • Deb

    I would consider switching brands, myself

  • Michael Endsley

    I transitioned my 3 month old puppy from a purina puppy chow over a period of about 2 1/2 weeks to BB and not only is she doing fine, she seems a bit more energetic and her dandruff issues have all but disappeared and her black coat
    looks wonderful…Shes into her 3rd bag and she loves it.Shes now 4 1/2 months old.

  • Pattyvaughn

    We suggest 1 protein and 1 carb source for 6 weeks, if it appears to be working. That way all the histamine has a chance to clear the body, so when you add new foods, you know the reaction is to them, not residual.

  • carolann1966

    known *causing* food.

  • carolann1966

    so true patty we usually recommend elimination diet testing to our clients we suggest to feed for 2 weeks just one ingredient ( once you are sure that one is safe you can then add one more to the first and wait at least 2 weeks in between before you add a new one ) Unfortunately not that many people will take the time and energy to do so. people dont realize that an animal is like a baby and it should be slow intros to food especially known allergy asing food .

  • carolann1966

    my dog and my cats have been on blue for the past 3 yrs never once did i have a problem i buy my food once a month every month and never once has any of my animals become sick I do have one cat that has a lot of food allergies and she gets homemade food only ( so i am sure she only gets stuff she is not allergic to) I am lucky that she seems to know she gets sick from anything else and will not even attempt to eat any thing other than what I give her. To be honest I see similar posts all the time at many other dog food sites. I do my research all the time as a vet assistant and to keep up on something that i consider to be my job. Not every dog food is for every dog ( or there would only be one kind out there) I always suggest to let you, your vet, and most importantly you animal decide what is best. It maybe a raw diet , high protein ( not all dogs can handle a high protein) , all natural, all fish, no grain, no chicken, or anything in between. To say one food is bad or good is like saying every human can eat the same diet and all be healthy from it.

  • Pattyvaughn

    The tests for food allergies are known to be inaccurate, giving both false negatives and false positives. The best thing to do is an elimination diet. But you are totally right about it likely being the chicken, though it could just as easily be the rice too, or both.

  • carolann1966

    i would suggest getting tested for food allergies sounds to me like a food allergy ( more than likely chicken)

  • Pattyvaughn

    That’s pretty much it.

  • Michael Endsley

    From my research so far, what Im gathering is this…1) not all foods can be tolerated by all dogs….period…
    2) apparently if someones dog gets ill from one brand of food but not from another, the brand that made their pooch sick sucks and no one should buy it…..
    What works for me wont nescessarily work as well for everyone else.

  • jennifer

    Hi Deb, my yorkie has food and skin allergies and it got so bad, he even lost all of his hair on his back… The food we had that he loved was made by Fromm’s.They have one called surf and turf with no chicken. Also has a venison one I believe. Anyway you should try that! We also had skin/blood tests dine for allergies and now he’s doing well with the serum that they made for him. I believe it’s called liquid gold. Expensive But so worth every penny.

  • Concerned Pet Owner

    My 9mo lab has thrown up twice in the last 10 days a couple hours after eating the BB large breed puppy dog food. After throwing up, she is a bit lethargic but is back to her hyperactive self within the hour. We are getting to the bottom of the bag and noticed some pieces that are discolored and look like mold is growing on them. Is the best action to contact the company or another group?

  • Visby

    Transitioning to a new food from an old food is a quarter of the new food to start, and gradually add more of new food and less of the old food for at least 14 days or even more.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Ah, so there is, thanks for the correction. However, the Basics formula you refer to (Turkey and Potato) only has 22% protein.. I would never recommend feeding a food with such low protein unless it’s medically necessary.

  • Visby

    There is a Grain Free Basics with no chicken or eggs. Large Breeds need Higher protein for growth, Calcium and Phoserous for bones in the correct levels as well as Glucosamine and chondroiten for jounts.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Unfortunately, Basics also doesn’t have much protein, and Blue Buffalo generally doesn’t have a particularly good recall history. I’d steer clear of all Blue Buffalo products, personally, as there are lots of other similar foods out there that have not been recalled.

  • Kim

    Switch to BB Puppy Basics. Does not contain chicken or eggs. It is for dogs with food sensitivities.

  • Visby

    BLUE HAS A FORMULA WITH NO CHICKEN called Basics, and there is a Basics that is grain free. Common allergens are chicken can be, corn, soy and wheat. Sometimes eggs! Basics Blue Buffalo has none of these

  • BB

    Not all foods are for every pet. Transitioning properly is key. Being on the correct formula.
    Obviously this may not work out for your dog. To say it is a horrible food in general is not fair, for many dogs and cat’s lives have improved with being healthier and happier from eating Blue. All ingredients are healthy.
    It was originally designed for a dog named “Blue” who had cancer. Most all the ingredients help with this especially the antioxidants added cold formed to keep the potency like Cranberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Apple, Spinach, Pomagranted and Pumpkin.
    Blue’s health improved. He recoverd from his cancer treatments, and the cancer never came back.
    There could have been other factors causing your dog’s problems. Glad he is feeling better. Is he?

  • karen Parker

    I have been feeding a Golden Retriever, a Golden Doodle and a Golden mix Blue for six years and they are all extremely healthy, beautiful coats and happy dogs. The Golden Doodle was a rescue and she only weighed 30 lbs when I adopted her. She was so malnurtioned her coat was red and she had heart worms. Now she is a beautiful 65 lb dog with blonde shiny hair. I can’t imagine what would be in Blue that would make your dogs sick. I feed them the large breed chicken and they get wet food of all varieties. Our Golden loves the Salmon.
    I bet these sick dogs are also being fed other things. My dogs don’t. The only treats they get are Blue, or ones I make myself. Happy critters in South Bend Indiana

  • G.B in Indiana

    I have also had a miniature schnauzer with bladder stones as well and underwent 2 major surgeries to remove the stones. He was raised on science diet. This medical condition is prominent in certain breeds. My dog was switched to Royal Canin SO dog food and would remain on this food for the rest of his life. I also have a Shih Tzu who has developed kidney stones and was also feed science diet and now she too is on Royal Canin SO food and will remain so the rest of her life as well. Diet will also depend on what the stones mineral make-up is.

  • Pingback: Complaints say Blue Buffalo is sickening dogs and cats.()

  • worried about my dog

    In June, my step mom’s dog had to have surgery to remove a bladder stone. At that time we didn’t know that it was linked to blue buffalo. Last week, my dog refused to eat (which is rare for her). We took her to the vet where they performed emergency surgery on her to remove bladder stones. Her bladder was so irritated and swollen that they obviously have been there for awhile. Not only was her bladder was full of stone, she also had a blockage. My vet then informed us that dogs that eat blue buffalo are at a higher risk of forming a bladder stone. If it wasn’t for the fact that two of our dogs formed bladder stones I wouldn’t believe it. But it happened, and now I have a vet bill to prove it. I just wanted to inform everyone else of this issue.

  • hey

    Did you just randomly switch, or gradually mix in a handful at a time mixed with his regular food?

    Because if you don’t gradually change his diet any dog/cat would get sick from a new brand of food

    Hope your dog is feeling better

  • Hopefull

    We are going for a allergie skin test thur am to try and figure that out, we both are going crazy. We have tried so many foods I was thinking about baby food? We are eating lamb now. Venison didnt help beef didnt help I’m lost

  • Pat

    I have a 4 month old Standard Poodle (since 7-12-13) and breeder recommended Fromm’s Puppy Gold. The puppy has been on this all along and is doing very well with it. I moisten it with a little water and mix in a couple table spoons of good quality canned dog food. It is worth paying the extra money for this quality food.

  • somebodysme

    He must be feeling horrible. My dog acts crazy when she feels bad too. Not to the extent that you describe but she becomes very bratty. My dog actually does much better on a dog food that is considered a one star…GO FIGURE! GAH! What food was he on before?

  • Laura

    We recently switched to Blue Buffalo and after the third day immediately stooped. Our once happy, healthy, and non-aggressive dog has become a wild sick animal. Along with the horrible gas and diarrhea he has become aggressive to myself and my husband. I will never use or recommend this food ever…no matter what anyone says.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Deb,

    As much as I don’t care for Blue Buffalo, there’s not actually a current recall. Here’s a link to the recall page from 2010:

    And, I agree with Storm’s Mom, if he can’t eat chicken, Blue Buffalo is definitely not the best choice for him.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Almost all (if not all?) of Blue Buffalo’s formulae have chicken, so I would forget about feeding Blue. I would suggest something chicken-free, grain-free, and potato-free to cover off the common allergens/problem ingredients …what are his specific allergies? That info will help us to make more appropriate recommendations. Anyway, look for something with at least 30% protein, too.

  • Deb

    Oh my, what now Jack has food and skin allergies he is on his 2nd bag of Bule and was in hopes that in time things would improve. WHAT NOW!!!! – Any suggestions what to feed the my poor little rat terrier? No Chicken….. Help

  • Bodhi

    My 8 year old golden started to go down hill quickly after switching to BB senior large bread. Hair loss, extremely lathargic and weight gain. Thought he was dying in front of me. He went from a high energy puppy like dog to an ailing and what looked like dying old dog. I’ve swithched back to his old food and he sees to be getting better. BB has some things to answer to.

  • Storm’s Mom

    It includes it merely because the ingredient list and nutrient profile indicates that of a 5-star food according to the Dog Food Advisor’s evaluation criteria. The list doesn’t take any other factor into account. It’s merely a place to start (and perhaps the best place to start in existence), not something to follow blindly (a ton of the foods on the list I can’t feed because they have chicken in them, which my guy is allergic to).

  • Dan Pantz

    Sorry, but that list actually includes Blue Buffalo, so I wouldn’t consider trusting it blindly.

  • Storm’s Mom

    While I’ve never fed Blue Buffalo because of all the past quality control issues (and wouldn’t until I’m certain they’ve sorted it all out for good), nor would I feed Eukanuba or Royal Canin because they are very low quality foods for the price you pay!! Check out the “Best Dog Foods” list on the top left of this page for much better options to feed your dog. Try something grain-free (or Nature’s Logic, which contains gluten-free millet), chicken-free and preferably, potato-free.

  • Jennifer Eyler

    3 out of 4 of my dachshunds started vomiting and pooping blood, one to the point that when I came home from work my bathroom looked like a murder scene. My vet informed me that he had already treated 5 cases not counting my dogs for gastrointestinal colitis….all of us were feeding our dogs blue. My vet recommends Eukanuba or Royal Canin stating they were better for dogs.

  • Betsy Greer

    I agree with Patty, that’s a good start. And, I love Nature’s Logic. : )

  • Pattyvaughn

    That’s a good plan, but I would take it a little further and suggest that over time you try to find at least four different foods that your senior does well on. One at a time is great.

  • Brigette

    OKay. Got it. :) I was thinking of going out and getting the WEF today and ordering a small bag of Nature’s Logic since i can’t get it locally. I guess i’ll go through the WEF first (hoping he loves it) and then transition to the NL. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

  • sandy

    It’s a good product but I wouldn’t feed any food forever. I choose not to feed gluten (grain) because it can cause problems in gluten sensitive dogs as it is a “sticky protein” and can cause gut problems. Secondly, grains are considered “inflammatory” so for a senior, I just would rather not feed it since they already have arthritis and the usual wear & tear from life. And grains can be more contaminated with bugs and fungus. But I’m sure Merrick tests their food for toxins before selling it. Like I said, instead of sticking to one food, you can chose a couple. That way you won’t be feeding certain ingredients all the time. For instance, Amicus is a legume based food. So I try to avoid that too since legumes have their own set of issues. They are seeds that have anti-nutritional factors as a defense mechanism and all is not deactivated with cooking. Nature’s Logic has only millet which is a gluten free seed.

  • Brigette

    So then you wouldn’t recommend WEF for small breed?

  • sandy

    Amicus is marketed for toy breeds so it is tiny kibble as is Nature’s Logic. NL doesn’t use any synthetic vitamins either. Their sardine formula is low fat too and they are all gluten free unlike WEF. You don’t have to use just one food. Feed a couple different ones for variety.

  • Brigette

    After researching.. i think i’m going to go with Whole Earth Farms dry AND wet. If you read my comment below about my senior dog.. i wonder if should go with the senior food or the regular? It needs to be small size kibble since my dog has a small mouth (Pekingese). Thanks for your input!

  • Brigette

    Thanks for your reply. I had read that about Sr foods… that the dogs don’t really need that. My dog isn’t overweight and his issues are to do with his back and legs and he does have a little heart mur mur. He’s known to have a seizures (we assume) about two to three times a year but not enough to be treated for them. I’ll look in to those foods that you suggested. Thanks.

  • sandy

    The only “senior” foods I would recommend are Amicus, Merrick and Orijen Senior, and Whole Earth Farms senior cans. But seniors don’t need “senior” food. They still need as much (even more) quality protein than adult dogs so look for an “all life stage” food or even “puppy” food. The small kibbles I use are Nature’s Logic, Brothers Complete, Nutrisource, and sometimes Epigen fish and Nutrisca lamb. Also, I feed my seniors more wet foods than dry like canned foods, dehydrated and freeze dried foods like The Honest Kitchen, and Addiction & Sojo’s with added protein because it is too low in protein. My oldest one is 14.

  • Brigette

    I’m in the process of searching for a better food for my dog. I got excited to find Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small breed Senior. Well.. i went to Consumer Affairs and there are so many complaints against Blue Buffalo! Ugh!! :( I don’t know what to think about dog foods anymore. Is there a safe dog food out there anymore? For small breed, seniors? Sigh. Thanks for any input.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Is this one of the foods with the Lifesource bits, or whatever they call them? Could they have settled to the bottom of the bag so that your dogs are getting a large dose of vitamins and minerals?

  • magan

    We’re down to maybe our last 5-6 cups of BB Wilderness Rocky Mnt Recipe W/ the red meat – my dogs (3) have never had issues with the food before, but on the 1st my husband’s dog vomited two large piles of it back up and a smaller 3rd. He’s 90lbs so it was a lot of food. I just woke up to my dog doing the same..two piles, before I got her outside. She’s 15lbs so it was less, but the same amount for her size. The vomit is the same between the two – the food hadn’t been digested all the way, sort of dry with just enough liquid to leave color behind on the carpet.

    Has anyone else come across this with the last little bit of their Red Meat? They’ve never had issues before, and our 3rd dog hasn’t been sick (yet). This is their 4th large bag of it since switching from the Bison, because they weren’t crazy about that one.
    I’ll be calling my vet in the morning to see if it’s suspicious to them or not, just in case. I also just bought the medium bag of the red meat yesterday since they were running low; thinking about taking it back and exchanging for the salmon or duck recipe (2 of their favorites, besides this red meat).

  • Ashley

    This has been happening to many dog/cat owners who have purchased BB this month, including my friend. Switch the dog food immediately!

  • somebodysme

    Is this the only thing your dog consumes? Please consider anything that does into his mouth..any treats or bones or vitamins. I would also change food immediately. My dog recently broke out in hives from two different things, a beef bone and an Elk Antler. So really, look at everything. It probably is the food and I would change that immediately if not sooner! HA!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Your dog is allergic to something in the food and allergic reactions tend to get worse over time until the reaction is life threatening. Please don’t take your time getting your dog off this food. Take the ingredient list with you and try to find a food that is as different as you can, different protein than he has ever had, different carbs, the whole nine yards. Also, get digestive enzymes and probiotics to give him. If you are up to making homemade, that’s great, but skip the carb source and go for a novel protein and some low carb veggies. Find a recipe that you can follow or even try homemadedogfood dot com.

  • Storm’s Mom

    It is likely an allergy/intolerance to chicken and/or grains…so I would strongly advise that you switch to a chicken-free, grain-free food. ALL of the decent Blue Buffalo formulae have chicken. Maybe try something like Nutrisource Grain Free Lamb Meal or Seafood Select, Horizon Legacy Fish, Acana Pacifica, Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch, or any of the chicken-free varieties of Nature’s Logic and Nature’s Variety Instinct.

    I think Boxers are considered a medium-sized breed, but if your pup is likely to be 50lbs or more as an adult, you should ignore what I’ve said above and feed him a food that’s appropriate for a large breed puppy (they are specific nutritional needs, mainly related to calcium levels). None of the above are appropriate, nor are any of the Blue Buffalo foods. Here’s a list of foods that are appropriate:

    Hope this helps!!

  • Linda

    I have been feeding my 5 month old boxer puppy BB puppy chicken and rice since he was 6 weeks old and he has loose stool and terrible gas and recently started having small hives all over as soon as he eats, I’m going to try another food for him but not sure if I should stick with BB or try another brand…grrr always something with the dog food. I’ve tried making my own rice and chicken/beef mixtures but he seems to be allergic to that too….

  • Pattyvaughn

    A lot of people have been reporting that their dogs have been getting sick on BB lately.

  • snay

    Has anyone heard of anything recently regarding blue buffalo chicken and rice puppy dry food? I have a 10 mo lab right now who was throwing up yesterday and her stool today was very dark brown and like thick mud. She is acting fine, though which is one good thing. The reason I am concerned with blue buffalo food is I just opened a brand new 30lb bag and fed it to her, (that is her normal brand so It was not a new dog food for her) night before last an yesterday she was throwing up. Switched her food this morning with her sisters blue buffalo adult formula and she is no longer throwing up.

  • AnimalLOVER

    the only way you can make sure that your pets eat the right food, meaning pure food, is to make it yourself. If they are putting everything into the dog food that we as humans eat to stay healthy, why not make it yourself? It was something I looked at when my healthy bulldog was on his way out. He had mainly had science diet all his life, but when he was leaving this world, the vet/breeder said feed him rice, roast, whatever you want, so why not make it from scratch to begin with?? I realize you cant use spices, salt and not alot of lipids, etc. It gets to the point where you dont really trust any of the pet food companies. I think it is easier to feed dogs natural however I think it is harder for cats, at least mine. They do like steak and chicken but not fish unless it is canned, which usually contains salt. I feed them Iams right now but I do feed them human food like chicken or steak when I am making it for supper. Just stay away from grains, as some pets get serious yeast problems with their ears, feet etc.

  • Bully lover

    DALLAS– I’ve had both my 85lb bullies on BB for over 3 years with no issues . That is until this last bag of CHICKEN AND RICE formula (<72hrs)!! Their symptoms are as described by others; loose stools with a "shine", mucous and small amount of fresh blood , blood also evident due to black stools, lethargic. I've checked around and some people are stating bone fragments in food. Luckily my boys are beasts because this has caused smaller breeds to DIE. Others with U.T.I. And gallbladder stones. I've always promoted BB but with recent developments I will be switching .. To those who have lost their 4-legged angels my heart is with you..I will be filing a complaint with the FDA link someone posted further down..

  • Hannah

    I stumbled onto this website after my English Springer began to have issues with loose stool LESS THAN A WEEK after she had already been treated with antibiotics/special food from the vet/flora sprinkles. I’ve had her for all 9 years of her life and she has never had accidents in the house until I switched her to Blue Buffalo a few months ago. I am horrified reading all the comments below, as my dog’s symptoms are almost identical.

    When I first switched my dog to BB (turkey dinner), she loved it. I noticed a change in her coat and she seemed healthier – the reason why I purchased this product to begin with. As many of you can relate I’m sure, my dog is basically my child, meaning I try to provide her with the best/healthiest options and I make sure she gets the diet and exercise she needs. Everything was fine for about a week and then she started having non-stop diarrhea and her stool had a glaze to it. We gave her a few chicken and rice meals, but it had no effect. Even though she was regularly drinking water, she seemed lethargic and sleepier than usual. Since we walk her regularly, I figured it was a parasite so we took her to the vet. I have worked in Microbiology labs, so I assumed Giardia was likely the culprit. After running multiple tests and $160 later, the vet concluded she had “Clostridium” issues (although he wouldn’t identify which kind). She finished her meds 5 days later and everything returned to normal. She ran out of food, so I returned to Petsmart to get her a nice big package of BB again and guess what! Diarrhea! Same symptoms all over again! Based on the frequency of the same symptoms other people’s posts, it’s clearly the food. I’m absolutely furious and will surely be making some phone calls and getting her off this food ASAP. I’m so sorry to those who lost their pets because of this – I can’t even imagine how terrible that is. Please, please protect your pet and don’t give them this stuff. For the retail price BB is asking for, the quality is unacceptable.

  • Me

    I have been feeding my dog since he was 8 weeks Blue Buffali because I have read about the good ingrediants, but I see here a lot of complaints from owners and of pets that got sick. Can you tell me more? Is there a way the sickness was linked to BB?? I don’t want my boy to get sick! Thank you for your help!

  • Virginia

    Evening people. I just stumbled across this website as I was researching dog food. My little Boston Terrier Joey, has been diagnosed with perianal fissures so I need something with lots of grains to keep his stool soft. In the meantime I have read all your comments and quite frankly they are very alarming. I did some research and wonder if anyone here has considered that it is the rice that is causing the issues here. I have just read that tests by scientists in the UK and Paris, have discovered that in all 60 varietys of rice there is arsenic and in some the counts are very high. When I looked up arsenic toxicity in dogs and cats they match exactly with all your pet kids symptoms.I think they need to be tested for arsenic toxicity specifically to find it. Further to this I can’t help wondering if the company has changed hands whose to say they didn’t increase the amount of rice (poor quality with high levels of arsenic) and cheap out on the chicken,lamb and what have you. Just a thought. One can google arsenic…..arsenic and rice popped up right away.
    I am so sorry for those of you who lost your buds and for what it must have been like to watch them suffer as they did. Been there done that and it is truly heart wrenching. I wish you all well and better days ahead. I am a huge proponent for organics and I think that is exactly what I am going to do with Joey…….make him his own organic food.

  • little d

    I am so sorry to hear that. I never lke hearing any animal going through that. Do u mind if i ask how he almost died because of the dog food?

  • ElevatorMusic

    Sadly my chihuahua just about almost died from when Blue Buffalo had their recall. We didn’t think he would make it. We are staying away as far as possible from Blue Buffalo.

  • little d

    Blue buffalo has been absolutely amazing. It has saved my dog from all the medical issues. I’m so thankful they have something like this. I have tried other foods and medication and nothing was helping. Except blue. Which I’ve been feeding him and my other two chihuahuas the life protection one small breed. But I am going to try out the toy breed blue and the senior small breed for the oldest. I don’t understand why people are so cheap when it comes to dog food. Dont have a dog if you are not going to give them the best care and food for hem. Thats part of responsibility of being a dog owner. Do what’s best for your dog. And for people who switch and hen complain their dog has the runs. Do not switch to any mrw dog food including blue without slowly weaning them off the old and onto the new by mixing it till eventually they are only on blue. Any new food u just suddenly switch them to would do that. Be more educated about ur dogs care instead of blaming the dog food company. I would never feed my dogs who r like my kids a dog food with animal bi products and preservatives.

  • Bizeemom

    I have been feeding my Shepard this for 5 years, since the day we brought her home, and have never had any issues. Very healthy–Healthy stools–no problems. Maybe you should look into other causes for all these problems. When I switched, she had a hard time, so I went back to Blue. Great food–Beautiful coat, healthy skin, teeth. No problems. We alternate between the lamb and the chicken and brown rice. No problems. Be careful threatening lawsuits until you know it is from this food. We love it. I hope your dogs are feeling better. Good Luck!!!.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • chefc

    As a follow up: my two labs passed away after being sick for about a month. We never found out what the cause was; however, we have had an abundance of rats this summer in our neighborhood due to increased construction. The vet said it could have been Lepto virus. We could have tested to find out for sure, but it would have been close to $1K just for the testing and we had already spent over 5K to heal them. Plus, he said the treatment was going to be the same given their symptoms. Their kidneys eventually shut down…none of that antibiotics helped.

  • missyjo30

    i was feeding mine puppy chicken and brown rice. i am very upset i feel like filing suit is the only way to go from here .

  • sandy

    It is from a 2010. Some products had too much vitamin D.

    This page just holds Blue’s picture symbol.

  • weezerweeks

    My computer says blue buffalo dog food recall. What is that about? I have not received in alerts.

  • Meadow

    I have a six year old female Weimeraner that has had Blue Buffalo wilderness since she was born. I alternate between Chicken, Salmon,Duck and healthy weight formulas. She has never had any health problems, always has solid stools and has a beautiful coat. She loves this food and wolfs it down as soon as you put it in the bowl. I give her a cup and a quarter in the morning and again at night. I have never had an issue with this product and the girls at Petsmart tout it as the best food out there.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I’ve never mixed foods and none of my dogs have ever gotten sick.

  • Ashley

    Do you guys know the you are to mix old food with new food for at least 3 days before using just them new food. never just put switch foods always mix cuz if you know the dog or cat will get sick.

  • tyler

    my german shepherd had the same issue a few months back. he has been completely house broken for 8 months but, after eating blue buffalo for a few days, couldnt wait till the morning and unleashed all over my house. very loose stools and vomit on my sofa and rugs >< never buying anything from blue buffalo ever again.

  • Tenesia Geddes

    Hey Bobbie,

    Having the same problem! My dachshund mix had been on blue since i got him (at 4 mths) Now just a bit after his one year I bought the chicken and rice (same as always) and he started having diarrhea. Thought maybe he’d gotten into the garbage and i didn’t notice. I put him on chicken and rice for a week and his stool went back to normal. Transitioned back to Blue. Last night was his first totally blue meal and this morning? Explosive diarrhea. So I’m back to rice and chicken and by the complaints, looks like I’ll be searching for a new food.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Have you tried a different brand?

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Nalini –

    A friend of mine had a similar issue with her golden retriever puppy and it cleared up as soon as she switched foods. Some others on this thread have been reporting similar issues as well. What I would recommend doing, first and foremost, would be to have your vet rule out any parasites. After you get the all clear, if you want to try to make Blue work I’d get a good quality multi-strain probiotic supplement and digestive enzyme supplement togive daily and add a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin to each meal. If this doesn’t clear things up within a week or two, give another 4 or 5 star food a try. Unfortunately not every food works for every dog and sometimes it takes a little trial and error.

  • Nalini

    My Lab/ Hound Puppy has been eating the Blue Buffalo lamb and oatmeal dry food. He has loose stools and is now passing gas. I am really concerned about him. Its crazy how we want the best for our dogs and it is still not good enough.

  • Bobbie

    OMG, I am so sorry about Shih Tzu. Horrible when a child doesn’t understand and needs that friend and they are gone.

    A friend found this sight and sent it to me. I have 3 Shetland Sheepdogs who I was feeding Blue Bluffalo Chicken with Brown Rice and now they all have the runs that started with one and ended with the youngest this morning. I opened a new bag about 6 days ago and feel it must have been contaminated. What flavor were you feeding if I may ask?
    I took them to my vet today and they are on chicken, rice and cottage cheese and a biotic stabilizer for their gut flora.

    Thank you

  • Bobbie

    I have 3 Shetland Sheepdogs that now have diarrhea and it started right after I opened the last bag of Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice formula.

    I took all of them to vet today , they are on chicken, rice, and cottage cheese for the next 5 – 7 days and off dry dog food. They are also getting medication for ‘gut flora’.

    Please, anyone who fed that particular formula please get back to me with their issues. I was told the Salmon formula was bad after one of my Shetland Sheepdogs got sick on it so I switched to the Chicken, Rice formula.

    Thank you.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi missyjo30,

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your pet and the devastating effect that it’s had on your child. I have no personal experience to share with you, but hope you find the support you and your child are in need of.

  • missyjo30

    anyone willing to share there story about blue buffalo let me know my shih tzu died and my autistic 4 year old is going crazy with out her . i need statments to file a claim that i am not the only one to see if there insurance will pay for it

  • Dominique

    This is so shocking and extremely disappointing to hear. I have a small dog that has been sick with diarrhea off and on. We tried an antibiotic and it did not help. The vet suggested switching food because BB is known for inconsistencies in their products. I just thought my dog had a sensitive tummy. Now that I know that other people are having issues, I’m appalled! Something needs to be done about this…they claim to have the best out there and wow, is that some BS! This is wrong! You can count on me reporting this!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I agree with Sandy please make a report to the FDA! So many dogs are getting sick from BB. My friend’s puppy got very sick after eating BB food.

  • sandy

    They have had a recall before a few years ago for having too much of a certain vitamin in the food. But you need to make a report to the FDA.

  • susan

    BB has made my 2 small dogs very sick twice this year bloody poops and I’m never going to feed them this brand ever again I called bb and thay told me thay had no problems with there food and no recalls

  • Jay

    You betcha I did.
    Also saved the emails from BB

  • sandy

    Have you filed a complaint at the FDA?

  • jay

    We aren’t taking a chance. Fed 9 of my pets BB for the past 3 years with no problems. ALL of them started having poops and throwing up. Contacted BB who said no formula change. We switched…not waiting for my pets to die before they recall their product. I’m one of the 309 complaints on Consumer Complaints.

  • mski21

    There are lots of problems with Blue Buffalo foods.

  • chefc

    I just got online to see if there were issues with this exact same food. My two labs have been VERY sick and now they absolutely refuse to eat from the bag I bought them. They have had all sorts of bloodwork but we haven’t been diagnosed yet. Odd that they both won’t eat this food and both are sick. Now they won’t eat/drink at all. :-(

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Not that I’m aware of..

  • Bailey’s Mom

    Is there a recall on any Blue Buffalo dog food? Specifically the salmon with potato?