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  • DogFoodie

    Here’s a link to the Purina Pet Food Honesty site:

    Obviously, it’s slanted, but there are links to the official court documents you mentioned.

  • aquariangt

    BB has recently come out and admitted there was in fact by product meal in their food “unbeknownst to them”. Just a heads up-they are a somewhat/very shady company. Hopefully someone can link the article for you, or I can do it when I get home, I have it on the home computer, but you also may be able to find it via google

  • Lea Insalaco

    There is chicken meal in almost everything they make, but there’s a HUGE difference between chicken meal and chicken BY-PRODUCT meal. Chicken meal is the regular good chicken meat, dehydrated and ground up. But BY-PRODUCT meal is all the garbage, eyeball, feet, beaks and all the ret of the carcass that they grind up and dehydrat and try to use as a food source. Chicken meal probably isn’t the problem, but the DUCK on the other hand is a protien your dog doesn;t sound to have been introduced to before. Its much more likely that he’s got an issue with the new type of protin than with something that is, and always has been, in the food you’ve been feeding him.