Great News… Upgrade in Progress


Unfortunately, since Tuesday, May 24, you’ve probably noticed The Dog Food Advisor website has been running very slow.

That’s because over the last few months, our blog has finally grown to the point our shared server can no longer keep up with the traffic.

I’m aware of this problem.

So, over the next few days, I’m pleased to report, The Advisor will be moving to its own dedicated server.

This means you can expect page load speeds to be dramatically faster. And our reviews and information will be available to you almost instantly.

Please bear with us while our technicians make the switch. The new and improved website should be up and running smoothly by Tuesday, May 31.

  • Hi David… Yes, we’re looking forward to some nice improvements in the future (starting with a new directory to help you find retailers that carry the specific brands you’re looking for). Thanks for the suggestions.

  • David G

    So, does the dedicated server mean that DFA could have some improvements in the future Mike??
    forum?? picture posting?? hehehe
    That would be truly awesome!
    Congrats on the improvement!

  • Mary Lou

    So happy to hear this, as yesterday I kept getting “forbidden” site. I had wanted to follow the blog on Purina Veterinary Diets. I just want to say that I am so happy to have found this site. For almost five years I was striving to find the best food for our bichon, reading everything I could find, and going armed to the vet. It was only about four months ago that I happened upon this site. I sure don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner. I have gone from 5 star grain free kibble with wet added, to 5 star wet, to adding commercial raw. I never would have followed that trail without the knowledge of Mike and the regular posters. Our pup has many allergies (basically to life in Florida), so I am extremely grateful for all of you, and for sharing your experience and wisdom. Thanks!

  • melissa

    That’s great Mikee. I did notice it was a bit slower and I sometimes got posting error messages, but let’s face it-I use a computer that by most would be considered an “antique” and just figured it was “me” lol. When a site outgrows its server, congrats are in order as that means it is vastly popular!

  • Jonathan

    Great news! Particularly as it means there are A LOT of people reading DFA and becoming educated as to what is in the foods produced by companies that, for so long, they thought they could just trust. Every person you turn into a label reader creates a potentially healthier dog.

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