Consumer Reports Calls Walmart’s Ol’ Roy the “Best Deal”… Oh, Really?


In its August 2011 issue, Consumer Reports has called Walmart’s one-star rated Ol’ Roy Dog Food the “best deal”.

Cover July 2011 Consumer ReportsIn writing this article, Consumer Reports researchers appear to have favored dog foods simply because they were cheap.

Over virtually any other criteria.

No matter the source of the food’s ingredients or the amount of meat contained in its recipe.

To justify their bizarre choice, the writers go on to explain…

“Premium or otherwise, any (dog) food you see on supermarket or pet store shelves that’s labeled ‘complete and balanced’, ‘total nutrition’ or ‘100% nutritious’ should meet the minimum standards for nutrition set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. That indicates that it’s adequate for the vast majority of healthy pets.”

Consumer Reports and Dog Food
Where ‘Cheap’ Rules

These evaluators apparently believe that protein is protein. Fat is fat. And it doesn’t make any difference from where the ingredients come. So long as they meet the absolute minimum requirements to sustain life.

And that price should be the only factor that defines a good dog food.

Welcome to what best-selling author Michael Pollan refers to as the Age of Nutritionism.

Nutritionism is not a science. It’s an ideology. A religion. A mistaken belief that scientists, veterinarians and animal nutritionists have the ability to engineer a dog food more perfect than Nature.

More perfect than real food.

And of course, cheap, too.

Are You a Nutritional Fundamentalist?

If you’re comfortable with the belief that protein is simply protein… even if it comes from low quality agricultural by-products and slaughterhouse waste

Or if you believe that all fats are created equal… even if they come from fatty trimmings and low grade vegetable oils…

Or that carb-heavy, factory processed dog food pellets are superior to fresh meat and produce…

Then you might consider yourself nothing more than a nutritional fundamentalist.

Just like that wise and all-knowing panel of so-called “experts” at Consumer Reports.

Or Are You a
Conscientious Canine Caretaker?

Now, if you believe (like I) that there’s something inherently wrong with using cereal mill rejects, floor sweepings, animal by-products, cancer-causing preservatives and restaurant grease to make dog food, then you’ve earned the right to call yourself…

A conscientious canine caretaker.

And you also possess the good sense to reject the findings of this misguided Consumer Reports article. And to continue your search for finding the best dog foods for your pet.

  • Freda M. Allen

    I bought this food 3 times for my sampson and I feel absolutely awful, we have a huge yard so lots of time we allow him out to use it in the wooded part of our fenced in yard maybe I’d noticed if I’d walked him more. This food gave him diarrhea and caused him to lose weight and become lethargic we thought he was thinning out due to getting taller until he started going almost every morning in his crate and he’d be covered in poo, my teens had thrown out one bag because of maggots we thought it was a fluke last bag had to be thrown away because we shook up the bag and discover maggots in it also. I was horrified that my choice of changing his food was making him sick if I’d done my research I’d have known better this food is by ole roy and if you Google it and look under consumer complaints hundreds of complaints and pet deaths due to this food I feel horrible this could have killed our sampson

  • Charlene Depp

    kibble and bits stains a dog’s teeth

  • Maverick Foster

    see my reply to Sharon….

  • Maverick Foster

    You should be shamed of yourself…. if all you can afford (or care about enough to feed) is ol roy then you have no business owning pets.

  • Betsy Greer

    Oh my…

  • Sharon Belk

    All these people are full of it.. I have 4 Pitts ages 9,10,11, & mama is 12. My mom has a Pitt, a Lab, a Chihuahua, & a Papillon of all different ages and every one of them have eat Ol’ Roy their life and yeah they get little extras here and there. As well as Ol’ Roy treats. And like Ann said they aren’t just ok they are great. Mine just went for their routine check ups and everyone was in “GREAT shape” my vet says. He has cared for them their whole life as well. The one thing that we did talk about was how they all looked just like they did at age 1 except fo the gray hair lol. Yet them high priced dog foods are the one that were poisoning animals a few years back. But you know who wasn’t worried? US! The Ol’ Roy Dogs. The ones who feeds their beloved pet what they know is good for them because we see it, not because this person or that person said so.

  • Amy

    I just found a great site that you can grade your dog food. Its Pure Stock Aussies. Do the nutrition quiz or go to the Quiz Results where he has tabulated many popular dog foods.

  • Ginger Wells

    my dog eats ol roy and is healthy. i have a german shepard. i also by her real meat eggs and give her veggies. she also gets plenty of exercise. i think that all the other food is a waste of money.

  • laura mejia

    I believe Pure Balance is made by ol Roy and I love the ingredients in the canned food. Beef, chicken, beef broth and beef liver as the first ingredients. I add this to a high cost dry food because my great Dane was way too underweight on the more costly brand. Got him that way but now is weight and health is improving with the dreded ol Roy brand added. Its great!

  • Pam c

    Yup I agree with Betsy. If you’re going to have someone watch your dog you need to be prepared for everything. Especially if that someone doesn’t have his own dog.

    Oh well we all have to learn from our mistakes.

  • David G

    Pure balance is cheap, at walmart and 4 stars from dog advisor. No corn.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It does go stale, and the fat starts to go rancid. It oxidizes and increases the need for antioxidants, which may be missing completely in cheap dog food.

  • Pam c

    Yes it is. I know it has increased exposure to oxygen and bacteria…but does kibble go stale as in chewy and loss of flavor?

  • Fer

    Shnawa is a liar liar pants on fire

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sad, isn’t it. There’s a guy that lives down the street from me that goes to all the different feed stores around and buys the broken bags at cost. He has a pack of hunting dogs and he truly doesn’t care what he feeds them, any broken bag will do. Most of them are garbage, after all good food comes in better bags.

  • Fer

    Shawnae does not know anatomy she did not go to the academdemy