Video: Purina Continues to Sell Contaminated Dog Treats Outside USA


In areas not regulated by US law, Swiss-owned Nestle Purina has decided to continue selling its contaminated chicken jerky treats.

According to a CBC News video, Costco is ignoring Purina’s claims the treats are safe and removing the controversial products from its stores in Canada.

CBC: Costco Removes Contaminated Chicken Jerky Treats

Pet food giant, Purina, defiantly claims these products are safe for Canadian consumers – even though they’ve been found to contain drug residue – and do not meet standards for sale in the USA.

What to Do

For this reason, Canadian consumers should be on the lookout for these controversial products.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • Think of it this way, rodents brough in the bubonic plague so the fleas get around and the more people the more actually 2x the more the cells will spread with the virus so if we keep population low we don’t have to worry about what’s healthy at the moment as long as you don’t get the damn bubonic plague.

  • WishToBeAnonymous

    Purina is a terrible company. They only care about making money, not the quality of their food. Their so-called “food” causes vomiting and more weight gain. I suggest a better brand.

  • Jens

    The interesting componet here is that Canada has more stringent guidlines for the production of dog food in Canada than the USA has, one of the reasons I like Orijin.

  • Suzanne

    Purina obviously doesn’t care about their customers (aka dogs) – only the $$$. Dogs dying don’t seem to be a problem for this company.  Chicken jerky made in China has been a problem for a long time and they know it. I guess Canadian dogs don’t matter.  

  • Wolfdreamer2

    Spread the word and don’t buy the damn things.

  • LabsRawesome

    It’s no surprise that Purina would continue to sell these treats. Purina is greedy and could give a rat’s a$$ about our pets. 

  • ohnoesaz

    I tend to go by the rule: If its available at Petsmart, it’s probably not safe enough or healthy enough for my dog.

  • Hall1011

    Milo’s Kitchen Jerky nearly killed my beautiful Bichon.  She nearly bleed to death (internally at first and then began vomitted blood)  Aside from a month of panic it cost me $3,300 in Vet and hospital fees.  I begged my local supermarket and pet stores to take them off their shelves for months and finally with this recall it has happened.  By the way, this same thing happened to my friends lab.

  • Constance Slawecki

     antiobiotics in food are prohibited in the US.  Apparently they are not in Canada or in some European countries.  What I have heard — take with a grain of salt — is that these are sulfa drugs — and many dogs have a reaction to them.  Could be more beneat the tip of the iceberg, the the official reason for the recall is the finding of antibiotics that are used on the chickens in China.

  • Juel1946

    A guy I worked with is married to a Chinese woman and she won’t buy anything made in China. That should be a huge clue.

  • Brenda

    I don’t buy my dog or cat anything that is made in China. Global pets here in Canada has some fantastic dog cookies that are made in Canada and there are so many homemade recipes for dog cookies that you can find online that there is really no need to risk your pets life with made in China food or treats. 

  • Pattyvaughn

    Oh, but I did check.  Trimethaprim is not a safe drug to give to dogs, so how is that better than natural which dog can handle, even when full of bacteria, just fine.

    But I wasn’t even refering to the drugs in the first place.  People have been reporting their dogs dying from these treats for quite some time now, but Purina doesn’t care as long as they are making money off of the people who don’t pay attention to what they feed their pet.

  • Smarter consumer

    Might want to check the facts of what the “drugs” are before assuming. The “stupid consumers” are the ones that believe the natural food is better for their pets.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Because they don’t care about you or your pet.  They only care about how much more money they can make.  They believe the stupid consumers will keep buying their product, making them rich at the expense of our pets.  So far Purina is right.

  • PawsNorth

    On their Waggin’ Train facebook page, Purina commented that they are taking the unprecedented step of withdrawing their dog treats until further notice – why would they do that in the USA, but not take that same unprecedented step in Canada?

  • Mawagster

    I’m slowly but surely not buying any products for dogs, cats and myself made in China.  Very hard to do because too many products are made in China only.  I’m not a Chinese phobic, just a product safety conscience person.  Chinese batteries fail so much sooner than USA ones use to but the Chinese  have bought up a number of USA companies, sooo…..

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